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Majdanek Concentration Camp

Crimes Committed by the Germans in the Majdanek Extermination Camp in Lublin

Report details about the camp prisoners, tortures, and other brutal ways. The title of this report, in full, is "Communique of the Polish-Soviet Extraordinary Commission for Investigating the Crimes Committed by the Germans in the Majdanek Extermination Camp in Lublin".

Extermination camp Majdanek

Information site about camp Majdanek with official names, photos, and facts.

In the Middle of Europe

Provides pictures, project details, exhibitions, catalogue, photographer facts, press details and contact particulars.

The Leuchter Report: Majdanek

Theory information about how many people were exterminated at the camp.


Overview of camp Majdanek, time line, town names, photo, and other related link pages.

Majdanek (Poland)

View information about Majdanek in Poland.

Majdanek Bibliography

Document article containing bibliographic facts about Majdanek.

Majdanek: An Overview

Historical overview of Majdanek.

Majdanek: Nazi Extermination Camp

Facilitates historical information, tour details, gas chamber, crematorium, liberation facts, death statistics and mailing list.

State Museum at Majdanek

Museum information includes concentration camps, archives, collections, research and published works, current event, allery, contact particulars and more links.

Virtual Reality Movies: Majdanek

Movie link pages about Majdanek.

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