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Cold War: United States

  • Conflict Seems Vaguely Un-American - Teaching the Conflicts and the Legacy of Cold War

    This essay was published in Review, volume 17 (1995): 155-69 by Alan Filreis about the way McCarthyism and anti-Communism of the 1950s continues to affect cultural and social debates in America today.

  • John Kennedy and the Cold War

    Article discussion about John F. Kennedy as Cold Warrior, his belief in communist expansionism, and his role in escalating American involvement in Vietnam.

  • U. S. Naval Air Station, Port Lyautey, Kenitra, Morocco

    Dedicated to the U.S. Naval Airmen, Seabees, Ships Company and U.S. Marines who served at the Naval Air Station In Kenitra or at the Naval Communication Facilities in Sidi Yahia or Sidi Bouknadel, Morocco, between the early 1940's to the base closures in the mid 1970's.

  • USS Pueblo

    Background information of the U. S. Navy vessel sent on an intelligence mission off the coast of North Korea.

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