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Twentieth Century History

1979 Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

An interview with a former Soviet army veteran and a member of the Soviet News Agency's Afghan news desk about the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan.

20th Century Archives

Home page of the 20th Century Archives, which offers facts on files, radio, issues, articles, culture, humor, health and other special features.

America in the 1930s

Online page for information about America in 1930's, this includes films, displays, time line, and other valuable information.

Berkeley Campaign Art

Gallery of posters about the Berkeley Campaign in 1970's.

Do You Remember the 70's, 80's and 90s

Online resource of nostalgia and memorabilia from the 70's, 80's and 90's.

EyeWitness to History - 20th Century

Account gallery that covers important events and information in 20th century.

The Golden Era

Features information about the Golden Era, from radio, movies, priced possessions, Fedora lounge facts, apparels, and many other link pages.

Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century

Atlas detailing the changing of the world map throughout the twentieth century.

The History Guide: Lectures on Twentieth Century Europe

Down-loadable lectures between five and ten pages in length, this includes historical facts about 20th century Europe.

History: 1900s

Online page that offers information and special features about the historical background behind 20th century.

Indian Tales

fascinating account of a British-Colonial military family who lived in India during the days of the British Empire and ended in 1947 at the time of Indian Independence.

The Menzies Era

Popular culture form 1949-1972, this site also presents details over the years, radio, sports, books, television, cars, movies, music, and more.

Nine Days that Changed the World

Documentary which tells the story of Pope John Paul II's pilgrimage to Poland in June of 1979.

The Roaring Twenties

Details the 1920s era in history with details taken largely from books and periodicals of the period, capturing life in the US and throughout the world.

Teaching the 20th-Century History of the United States. ERIC Digest.

Full text account the 20th-Century history of the United States.

Twentieth Century

Explore a wide array of historical facts, all related to the Twentieth Century.

What Happened in My Birth Year

Presents an extremely detailed description of the events throughout the world, based on birth years throughout the 20th century.

Year by Year

Infoplease presents highlights of the most significant events of each year since 1900.

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