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Napoleonic Wars

Centennia Historical Atlas Software

A map-based guide to the history of Europe and the Middle East from the beginning of the 11th century to the present, this involves link pages and special features.

Der Befreiungskriege 1806-1813

Online essay that talks about the history of the German struggles for liberty.

France During the French Revolution and Under Napoleon Bonaparte

An Annotated Chronology of Civil and Military Events in particular about the French Revolution and Under Napoleon Bonaparte.

French Empire Collection

Napoleonic collection of historical information, which also features paintings, documents, military details, medallions, porcelain, and more links.

Histoire et Figurines

Online resource in French language about the war gaming in France in particular about the le Premier Empire.

History and Evolution of Uniforms during the Napoleonic Era

An illustrated history about the development of the uniforms during the Napoleonic Era.

This site contains some fairly obscure information relating to the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: French Revolution

Compilation of valuable documents about the French Revolution, with links and other related entries.

La Maison de L'Empereur

Information about the Napoleonic history which includes chronology of events, map of the empire, military maxims and facts, images and other link pages.

The Nafziger Collection -

An extensive book collection of military history and orders of battle.

Napitalia - The Eagle in Italy

Includes brief overview of Napitalia, with link pages about deployment, organizations, units, battles, leaders, enemies, and more.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Home page dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte, which involves a wide array of historical information, images, forums, news, books and other links.

Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide

Article featuring various information all in relation to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon Online

Offers online bibliography of military matters from the Napoleonic era 1792 to 1815, with photo images, and links.

The Napoleon Pages

Collection of Napoleonic articles, plus gallery, and other online resources.

The Napoleon Series

Informative site that features important information about the Napoleonic war, this includes magazines, discussion forums, military facts, and other historical related researches.

Napoleon, His Army and Enemies

Many illustrations, maps, charts, articles about Napoleon's strategy and tactics, about the French, Polish, Prussian, Austrian, Russian and British armies, their organization, commanders, uniforms, orders of battles.

The Napoleonic Collection

This is the Discriminating General's Napoleonic Collection that provides articles, links, re-enactments, sound clips, military replicas, swords, muskets, and other indexes.

The Napoleonic Guide

Reference guide for biographical information about Napoleon Bonaparte, with a wide array of article listings, Napoleonic link pages, and other featured galleries.

Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815)

Account on the wars and combatants during the Napoleonic war, with pictures, maps and many other resources.

Napoleonic Zinnfiguren

A private collectors home page that presents general informations about the war, uniform details, and other collectors resources.

Napoleon's Wars

Browse over a wide array of Napoleonic collections of images about national, regimental, and other flags of the Napoleonic Wars.

The Polish Vistula Legion

Article illustrating historical facts behind the Polish Vistula Legion.

The Portsmouth Napoleonic Society

Includes battle information, battlefield photos, links, search guide and other offered publications.

War Times Journal - Napoleonic Wars Series

Features a wide range of stories, gaming, articles, archives, portals, books, and other resource on Napoleonic facts.

Waterloo 200 -

Presents a guide to Waterloo, from the National Army Museum in the UK, complete with a time line and the stories of over 200 historical objects. Waterloo200org

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