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Originally known as simply "The Federalist," this body of work is a compilation of essays explaining the principles behind the Constitution. Written by James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton, all sharing the pseudonym "Publius," this collection is known in modern times as "The Federalist Papers."
  • The Avalon Project: The Federalist Papers

    Yale Law School presents the entire Federalist Papers, identifying the actual author of each of the in-depth essays about the new government the founders were proposing.

  • The Federalist Papers

    Contains the complete Federalist Papers, along with images of the authors, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay,and articles about the collection.

  • The Federalist Papers

    Contains all 85 essays from the body of work, each of which was written to educate about the United States Constitution and the principles behind it. Also offers related documents and additional off-site references.

  • Our Documents: The Federalist Papers

    Federal government web site exhibits images of the actual original documents, the text, and details about each of the essays.

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