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This category offers listings dealing with central banks worldwide.
  • Bahrain Monetary Agency

    Consists of information on the financial sector, regulations and banking operations of the agency.

  • Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador

    Highlights the table of economic indicators and gives out information on its financial system, monetary integration and legal tender currency.

  • Banco de Mexico

    Contains information on the bank's payment system, currency and financial indicators.

  • Banco de Mocambique

    Highlights news updates about German and French government along with bank information.

  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

    Features information on loans-credit and asset management with bank news updates.

  • Bank of Canada

    Offering details of bank history, financial markets, inflation, press releases, speeches, and publications.

  • Bank of England

    Central bank of the United Kingdom provides information on monetary policy, financial markets, and publications.

  • Bank of Indonesia

    Indonesian central bank provides information on monetary policy, banking, payment system, regulations, publications, statistics and media.

  • Bank of Jamaica

    Highlights news and special events of the bank. Key Macro Indicators are also being featured.

  • Bank of Korea

    Central Bank of South Korea. Information on monetary policy, financial system, payment systems, foreign exchange, currency, and international relations.

  • Bank of Mauritius

    Features issue of treasury notes and bills, development loan stocks as well as government bonds.

  • Bank of Mongolia

    Highlights news updates concerning the bank's monetary monthly survey with exchange rates and inflation rate indicator.

  • Bank of Namibia

    Highlights documents such as money markets, exchange rates, capital markets as well as public notice on pyramid schemes.

  • Bank of Papua New Guinea

    Contemporary central bank and regulator. Site provides information on monetary policy, financial markets, and payment system.

  • Bank of Russia

    Features current news, policy, financial market information, and press releases.

  • Bank of Sierra Leone

    Presents articles and publications, statistics, exchange rates, debt instruments, and information on financial services acts and exchange control.

  • Bank of Sudan

    Providing information on banking policies, exchange rates, external debt, and Sudan economy figures.

  • Banque Du Liban

    Features information on economic and financial data as well as financial institutions and markets.

  • Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

    Central bank of the US provides information on news and events, payment systems, monetary policy, and economic research.

  • Bulgarian National Bank

    Features the legal framework of the bank, statistics, international relations as well as internship and research.

  • Central Bank of Barbados

    Contains economic information, its press releases as well as statistics.

  • Central Bank of Brasil

    Features information on financial markets, policies and regulations, current news, and contact details.

  • Central Bank of Kenya

    Features information on treasury securities, micro-finance institutions and on bank's deposit protection fund.

  • Central Bank of Libya

    Contains information on exchange rate with economic bulletin and banking news.

  • Central Bank of Malaysia

    Highlights speeches, interviews, press statements and upcoming events.

  • Central Bank of Nigeria

    Contains a database for circulars and publications with access to information on international operations.

  • Central Bank of Seychelles

    Features details of monetary policy, domestic debt, financial system, legislation, currency, publications, statistics and banking.

  • Central Bank of Solomon Islands

    Profile of the bank, statistics, news, papers and publications, and information on notes, coins, and treasury bills.

  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka

    Bank overview with news, pres releases, answers to frequently asked questions, and information on monetary policy and currency management.

  • Central Bank of Swaziland

    Provides exchange rate updates, financial indicators, market indices, media releases, and statistical and economic information.

  • Central Bank Of The Bahamas

    Highlights details on the annual key macroeconomic indicators. Also features bank's art galleries, employment and scholarship programme.

  • Central Bank of the Gambia

    Contains information on government securities with news updates on monetary policy.

  • Central Bank of the Russian Federation

    Presents currency market indicators, interest rate schedules, press releases, and bank documents.

  • Centrale Bank Van Aruba

    Features bank news and statistics, legislation and regulation as well as banknotes and coins.

  • Da Afghanistan Bank

    Features banking laws, brief biography of the governor, currency auctions as well as economic trends.

  • Danmarks National Bank

    Features information on government debt, its domestic and foreign borrowing, ratings and also the government-guaranteed entities.

  • Lietuvos Bankas/Bank of Lithuania

    Features information on credit institutions, payments system, legal acts, and the legal tender of Lithuania.

  • Maldives Monetary Authority

    Highlights the bank's quarterly economic bulletin with information on financial system, monetary policy and national currency.

  • Monetary Authority of Macao

    Features the bank's organizational structure, registered foreign investment funds and authorized pension funds.

  • Monetary Authority of Singapore

    Information and resources for financial institutions, researchers and analysts, students, journalists, and consumers.

  • National Bank of Romania

    Romanian central bank provides details on monetary policy, financial stability, supervision, payment systems, coins and notes, publications, statistics and legislation.

  • National Bank of Slovakia

    National bank of Slovakia presents details of monetary policy, banking, press, statistics, financial market supervision, financial market operations, payment systems and legislation.

  • National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

    Provides information about the bank's legislation and national currency with central bank's statements.

  • Nepal Rastra Bank

    Contains information on public debt, bank's directives, departments and bank's district offices.

  • People's Bank of China

    Highlights news updates relevant to the bank, survey and statistics and its rules and regulations.

  • Qatar Central Bank

    Information on policy framework, supervision, payments system, and events. With a schedule of economic indicators.

  • Reserve Bank of Australia

    Contains overview of the domestic market operations of the bank, its financial services, and currency notes.

  • Reserve Bank of India

    Indian central bank features information on notifications, financial markets, regional offices, currency, and national statistics.

  • Reserve Bank of India

    Highlights latest news updates with access to bank's database, tenders and forms.

  • Riksbank

    Swedish central bank offers information on monetary policy, financial stability, market operations, statistics, and publications.

  • Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan

    Highlights the availability of the monthly statistical bulletin with access to its laws and, forms, and notifications.

  • Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

    Posts news, publications and statistics, financial and banking control information, contacts, and related links.

  • State Bank of Pakistan

    Site presents bank updates, guidelines, circulars, notifications, economic data, and press releases.

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