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Central Banks

Bahrain Monetary Agency

Consists of information on the financial sector, regulations and banking operations of the agency.

Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador

Highlights the table of economic indicators and gives out information on its financial system, monetary integration and legal tender currency.

Banco de Mexico

Contains information on the bank's payment system, currency and financial indicators.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Features information on loans-credit and asset management with bank news updates.

Bank of Canada

Offering details of bank history, financial markets, inflation, press releases, speeches, and publications.

Bank of England

Central bank of the United Kingdom provides information on monetary policy, financial markets, and publications.

Bank of Guatemala

Provides economic and financial information of the country, its principal laws, as well as currency and bills.

Bank of Guyana

Gives access to the legislations, economic and financial framework with prudential ratios with information on the legal tenders of Guyana.

Bank of Indonesia

Indonesian central bank provides information on monetary policy, banking, payment system, regulations, publications, statistics and media.

Bank of Jamaica

Highlights news and special events of the bank. Key Macro Indicators are also being featured.

Bank of Korea

Central Bank of South Korea. Information on monetary policy, financial system, payment systems, foreign exchange, currency, and international relations.

Bank of Mongolia

Highlights news updates concerning the bank's monetary monthly survey with exchange rates and inflation rate indicator.

Bank of Namibia

Highlights documents such as money markets, exchange rates, capital markets as well as public notice on pyramid schemes.

Bank of Russia

Features current news, policy, financial market information, and press releases.

Bank of Sierra Leone

Presents articles and publications, statistics, exchange rates, debt instruments, and information on financial services acts and exchange control.

Bank of Sudan

Providing information on banking policies, exchange rates, external debt, and Sudan economy figures.

Banque Du Liban

Features information on economic and financial data as well as financial institutions and markets.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Central bank of the US provides information on news and events, payment systems, monetary policy, and economic research.

Bulgarian National Bank

Features the legal framework of the bank, statistics, international relations as well as internship and research.

Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

Gives out information on the current development of the bank, public notices as well as statistics.

Central Bank of Barbados

Contains economic information, its press releases as well as statistics.

Central Bank of Belize

Provides information about the bank and its regulatory framework.

Central Bank of Brasil

Features information on financial markets, policies and regulations, current news, and contact details.

Central Bank of Egypt

Highlights information on payments system and exchange as well as interest rates.

Central Bank of Kenya

Features information on treasury securities, micro-finance institutions and on bank's deposit protection fund.

Central Bank of Kuwait

Contains information on market data with the daily and weekly reports.

Central Bank of Liberia

Features reports and documents of the bank's operations with its press releases and announcements.

Central Bank of Libya

Contains information on exchange rate with economic bulletin and banking news.

Central Bank of Malaysia

Highlights speeches, interviews, press statements and upcoming events.

Central Bank of Malta

Contains latest news on monetary statistical release and information on central intervention rate.

Central Bank of Nigeria

Contains a database for circulars and publications with access to information on international operations.

Central Bank of Samoa

Official website contains news, press releases, statistics, currency updates, and information on policies and banking systems.

Central Bank of Seychelles

Features details of monetary policy, domestic debt, financial system, legislation, currency, publications, statistics and banking.

Central Bank of Solomon Islands

Profile of the bank, statistics, news, papers and publications, and information on notes, coins, and treasury bills.

Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Bank overview with news, pres releases, answers to frequently asked questions, and information on monetary policy and currency management.

Central Bank of Swaziland

Provides exchange rate updates, financial indicators, market indices, media releases, and statistical and economic information.

Central Bank of the Gambia

Contains information on government securities with news updates on monetary policy.

Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Presents currency market indicators, interest rate schedules, press releases, and bank documents.

Centrale Bank Van Aruba

Features bank news and statistics, legislation and regulation as well as banknotes and coins.

Danmarks National Bank

Features information on government debt, its domestic and foreign borrowing, ratings and also the government-guaranteed entities.

Eesti Pank

Contains information on Estonian Monetary System and Baltic economy as well as statistical indicators of the bank.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Features latest news updates with overview of policy areas on monetary and banking stability.

Lietuvos Bankas/Bank of Lithuania

Features information on credit institutions, payments system, legal acts, and the legal tender of Lithuania.

Maldives Monetary Authority

Highlights the bank's quarterly economic bulletin with information on financial system, monetary policy and national currency.

Monetary Authority of Macao

Features the bank's organizational structure, registered foreign investment funds and authorized pension funds.

Monetary Authority of Singapore

Information and resources for financial institutions, researchers and analysts, students, journalists, and consumers.

National Bank of Ethiopia

Presents the organizational structure of the bank with photos and information on interbank forex and security market.

National Bank of Poland

Site provides information on the bank's activities, policies, payment and financial systems, management, and conferences. With related statistics and publications.

National Bank of Romania

Romanian central bank provides details on monetary policy, financial stability, supervision, payment systems, coins and notes, publications, statistics and legislation.

National Bank of Slovakia

National bank of Slovakia presents details of monetary policy, banking, press, statistics, financial market supervision, financial market operations, payment systems and legislation.

National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

Provides information about the bank's legislation and national currency with central bank's statements.

Nepal Rastra Bank

Contains information on public debt, bank's directives, departments and bank's district offices.

Norges Bank

State-owned Norwegian bank dedicated to promoting value-added investment management as well as price and financial stability.

People's Bank of China

Highlights news updates relevant to the bank, survey and statistics and its rules and regulations.

Qatar Central Bank

Information on policy framework, supervision, payments system, and events. With a schedule of economic indicators.

Reserve Bank of Australia

Contains overview of the domestic market operations of the bank, its financial services, and currency notes.


Swedish central bank offers information on monetary policy, financial stability, market operations, statistics, and publications.

Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan

Highlights the availability of the monthly statistical bulletin with access to its laws and, forms, and notifications.

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

Posts news, publications and statistics, financial and banking control information, contacts, and related links.

South African Reserve Bank (the SARB)

Central bank of the Republic of South Africa. Official homepage presents rates schedules, news and updates, contact details, and educational information.

State Bank of Pakistan

Site presents bank updates, guidelines, circulars, notifications, economic data, and press releases.

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