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Urban legends are one facet of folklore that continue to evolve and fascinate us with their tales. Many urban legends have been perpetuated and passed on with the advent of the Internet. As a society, we have to be discerning and learn to tell the difference between hoaxes and rumors and actual urban legends (folklore).
  • About.com: Urban Legends and Folklore

    Collection of articles and resources on urban legends. Includes quizzes and pictures.

  • AFU Urban Legends Archives

    Extensive collection of urban legends sorted by category.

  • The Cat in Urban Mythology

    Indexes resources that reveal the roots of cats' role or perception in urban legends.

  • Common E-mail Hoaxes

    Lists popular deceitful schemes in the Internet such as urban legends, rumors, and junk mails.

  • Envasion

    Offers pieces of "crytptozology" or the concept of monsters and other unlikely creatures and beings being propagated by urban legends.

  • Museum of Hoaxes

    Virtual gallery of the most known hoaxes in history. With blogs and a discussion forum.

  • Net Squirrel

    Features an urban legend combat kit and various how-to articles.

  • Rocket Car Story

    Presents the true story of the dubbed rocket car - a car remodelled with a jet engine.

  • Snopes.com

    Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.

  • Urban Legends Art Exhibit

    Tour this virtual complex of exhibits that represents some folk stories of the recent times.

  • Urban Myths and Legends

    Compiles a number of urban myths that have been contributed online.

  • Urban Myths: Debunk Your Life

    Contains a selection of urban myths, legends, hoaxes, scams, ghost stories and fairy tales debunked.

  • Weird NJ

    Internet home to of the Weird US series of books. Provides folklore information and lists of bizarre places and stories.

  • Weird USA

    Serves as the news publication of urban legends and beliefs. With photos, stories, and other resources.

  • Wired 8.08: Heard the One About the Rocket Car?

    A possibly true story about four guys who attach a jet engine to their car.

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