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Urban Legends

  • About.com: Urban Legends and Folklore

    Collection of articles and resources on urban legends. Includes quizzes and pictures.

  • AFU Urban Legends Archives

    Extensive collection of urban legends sorted by category.

  • The Cat in Urban Mythology

    Indexes resources that reveal the roots of cats' role or perception in urban legends.

  • Darwin Awards

    Collection of apocryphal stories serve as examples of the Herculean Darwinian efforts. Story rankings presented.

  • Envasion

    Offers pieces of "crytptozology" or the concept of monsters and other unlikely creatures and beings being propagated by urban legends.

  • Lie Mails

    Serves as an email verifier to examine hoaxes or status.

  • Museum of Hoaxes

    Virtual gallery of the most known hoaxes in history. With blogs and a discussion forum.

  • Net Squirrel

    Features an urban legend combat kit and various how-to articles.

  • Snopes.com

    Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.

  • Urban Folklore

    Gathers various folklore from the net. With ratings and dates of acquisition.

  • Urban Legends and Superstitions

    Accommodates urban legend reports, answers frequently asked questions, and presents links to other folklore sites.

  • Urban Legends Art Exhibit

    Tour this virtual complex of exhibits that represents some folk stories of the recent times.

  • Urban Myths and Legends

    Compiles a number of urban myths that have been contributed online.

  • Urban Myths: Debunk Your Life

    Contains a selection of urban myths, legends, hoaxes, scams, ghost stories and fairy tales debunked.

  • Weird NJ

    Internet home to of the Weird US series of books. Provides folklore information and lists of bizarre places and stories.

  • Weird USA

    Serves as the news publication of urban legends and beliefs. With photos, stories, and other resources.

  • Wired 8.08: Heard the One About the Rocket Car?

    A possibly true story about four guys who attach a jet engine to their car.

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