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  • Amazigh Cultural Association in America

    Gathers information on non-profit organization registered in the state of New Jersey and relative design to operate cultural, educational, as well as scientific purposes.

  • Center for Archaeoastronomy

    Conveys information on Archaeoastronomy and relative Ethnoastronomy News; as well as more about the center for Archaeoastronomy.

  • Encyclopedia of the Orient

    Reports details on Berbers origin, history, as well as culture and various related links.

  • Everything2

    Maintains information about features history of the berbers, historical records, and more about free humans.

  • Imazighen in Libya

    Features details about Libyans, promotes, preserves Libyan's identity, historically and culturally as well as politically.

  • Kabyle

    Presents information about media portal, Kabyle dictionary, and compiled clippings.

  • Mass Media and Amazigh (Berber) Identity

    Describes the amazing people of North Africa, discusses modern technology, and preserving and shaping the identity of cultural minorities.

  • Mondeberbere

    Points out various details about Amazigh culture, Civilization, literature, poetry, and society.

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