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Research and information relating to near-death experiences and the stories of people who have experienced this phenomena.
  • Chicago IANDS

    Began in May 1998, to provide a support and study group for those who have had a Near-Death Experience or are interested in the subject.

  • Dr. Melvin Morse

    Features near death research along with multimedia of children sharing their experiences.

  • Embraced By The Light

    Official website of Betty Eadie, author of ;embraced by the Light which chronicles her near-death experience and journey into the spirit world.

  • How Stuff Works: How Near Death Experiences Work

    Analyzing both the scientific and spiritual or supernatural theories about near death experiences.

  • IANDS NDE Radio

    A weekly exploration of near-death experiences and similar encounters with the other side with Lee Witting.

  • International Association for Near-Death Studies

    Provides reliable information about near-death and similar experiences to experiencers, caregivers, researchers, and the public.

  • Israel Near Death Experiences

    Publicizes Near Death Experiences (NDE) in Israel.

  • Journal of Near-Death Studies

    The only peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted exclusively to the field of near-death studies. It is cross-disciplinary and published quarterly.

  • LightStories

    A place where veterans of any war, and active duty service members, have shared their Combat Near Death Experience (CNDE) stories.

  • Near-Death Experience (NDE)

    Exhaustive definition of and discussions on the Near-Death Experience phenomenon. With recommended readings.

  • Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

    Comprehensive site provides information and resources on research, notable NDEs, scientific evidence, reincarnation, and religious articles.

  • PMH Atwter

    Homepage of the near death researcher and visionary author. Presents videos, audios, blogs, articles, and a directory of NDE related products and services.

  • Science and the Near-Death Experience

    Promotes book by Chris Carter in which he challenges materialist arguments against consciousness surviving death and shows how near-death experiences (NDEs) may provide a glimpse of an awaiting afterlife.

  • Seattle Chapter of the International Associationfor Near-Death Studies

    Overview of the organization with stories of near death experiences, contact details, articles, bibliography, and related links.

  • Thoughtful Living

    Study of near death experiences. Presents first-hand accounts from those who have experienced near death.

  • Understanding Near-Death and Similar Experiences

    Article covers questions people ask about near death experiences and links to more information.

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