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Find organizations which support and work on behalf of sex crime victims.
  • Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection

    Campaigns against pornographic broadcasting on the Internet. Presents overview of association, news articles, links to related sites for parents, and citation received.

  • The Awareness Center

    International Jewish coalition against sexual abuse or assault. Includes articles, links to Yahoo discussion groups and other local organizations, and suggested reading.

  • Britain Cracks Down on Child Porn Online

    Reports on the events that led the British government to react on child pornography on the Internet. Also includes mail links, related sites, and forum.

  • California Coalition on Sexual Offending

    Founded to meet a need to formalize the structure of study and practice of professions dealing with sexual offenses. Also includes profile of the association, articles on the topic, and details for membership.

  • COPA Commission

    Provides awareness programs and resources for the Commission on Online Child Protection. Also furnishes researches, schedule of meetings and hearings, overview of the group, and links to other related sites.

  • Counter Pedophilia Investigation Unit

    Promotes putting a stop to child sexual crimes due to pornographic depictions of children. Also discusses history and background of the organization, articles on the topic, and statistical studies that gives basis to their commitment.

  • Creation of the Center for Sex Offender Management

    National project supporting effective management of sex offenders. Aims to enhance public safety through awareness and assistance.

  • Cyber-Rights and Cyber-Liberties

    Indexes links to articles on the regulation of child pornography on the Internet. Also contains list recommended sources and summaries of featured books.

  • End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes – USA

    Composed of organizations and individuals fighting together against child abusers. Also present overview of group, news articles, and contact details for inquiries and complaints.

  • International Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders

    International nonprofit organization promoting the research on sexual crimes and treatment of sexual offenders.

  • Kemp Center for Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment

    Involved in assisting young kids who were abused and abandoned. Assistance includes clinical services, consciousness campaigns, and financial support for education, training and consultations for child abuse treatment and prevention.

  • Man Accused of Luring Kids to Porn Sites

    Presents news report on a child luring case that is against the Truth in Domain Names Act. Also includes links to related sites.

  • Mothers Against Sexual Predators at Large

    Committed to providing group therapy and discussion forums for victims of sexual abuse. Also presents profile of group, news updates, statistics, and links to related sites.

  • Parents for Megan’s Law

    Endorses awareness on the movement against sexual abuses and violence against children. Also furnishes news articles, guidelines, tips and index of sexual offenders in the country.

  • Rape Response and Crime Victim Center, Inc.

    Aims to provide assistance by suggesting self-help techniques to sexual crimes victims. Also contains awareness programs, articles, guidelines, and statistics.

  • Safer Society Foundation, Inc. The

    Upholds movement against sexual abuse through prevention and treatment of victims. Also compiles articles, news updates, profile of services, and links to related sites.

  • Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health

    Provides services, assistance, and information on sexual addiction. Also contains links to related sites, schedule of conferences, announcements, and details for membership.

  • United Nations Urges Companies to Crack Down on Child Porn

    Shows article on the fight against the issue of child pornography on the Internet and the role that credit card companies play. Also includes links to other related articles, list of sites, and forums.

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