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Prison Inmate Writers and Journals

15 Years to Life

Chronicles the efforts of the artist, writer and ex-convict Anthony Papa for the change of the penal system of the county.

Cell Door Magazine

Features written material that tells what the incarceration experience is like while in prison and how the ex-con fairs once she or he is back on the street.

Cellblock Visions: Prison Art in America

A lively collection of inmate artwork, created behind bars, from county jail to death row.

Free Stephen Lehman

Shares the story of Stephen Lehman, a man put behind bars for 19 years for a non violent crime.

Jerry W. Hamilton

Shares his story and experiences as a prisoner. Offers a free eBook.

Prison Writing by Ronald del Raine

Accounts political situations and correctional issues detained in the incarceration center in the county.

Youth Portraits

Written by a group of young adults who served time on Rikers Island decided they had a story to tell.

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