Stalking in the Best of the Web Directory


The Antistalking Web Site

Reports on the behavioral effects and social impact of the crime.

COPS Office: Stalking

Discusses the psychological and social aspects of stalking in relation to the perpetrator and the victim.

Feel Safe Again

Collection of resources and events with relation to the crime. Also discusses the impact on the victim.

National Organization for Victims Assistance

Facilitates assistance for crime victims. Also provides guides and tips to avoid criminal acts.

Obsessive Ex Syndrome

Collection of life stories from stalkers. Also shows resources on breaking the habit.

Prevalence and Health Consequences of Stalking

Features an article from the Center for Disease and Control that describes the psychological and social consequences of the crime.

Sexual Harassment Support: Stalking

Features statistics on the crime detailing the average ages of the victims and perpetrators.

Stalk Victims Information Service

Discusses the myths and misconceptions of the crime.

Stalking and Bullying

Discusses the interaction between the two acts. Also shows resources to avoid both.

Stalking and Domestic Violence

Describes the behavior of the persons committing the offenses. Also discusses self-defense basics to counter the crime.

Stalking Behaviors

Presents articles detailing the behaviors and profiles of both victims and perpetrator of the crime.

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