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  • BBC News: Gangster Charlie Kray Dies

    Reporting on the death of Charlie Kray aged 73 in hospital on the Isle of Wight in April 2000 with highlights of his life.

  • BBC On this Day: Killer Ronnie Kray Dies

    1995 article reporting on the death of Ronnie Kray after being taken to hospital from Broadmoor secure hospital for the criminally insane.

  • BBC: On This Day

    Online coverage from the BBC highlighting the life sentences placed on the twins in 1969 for the murder of Jack McVitie and George Cornell.

  • The Blind Beggar

    Official site of the pub where Ronnie Kray shot George Cornell, now a trendy pub, restaurant and wine bar.

  • Charlie Kray's Son-in-law and Grandson Jailed for Life

    The Mail online reporting on the life sentences passed on relatives of Charlie Kray for the torture, killing and beheading of a man in 2009.

  • Krays Ran a Protection Business for Sinatra Behind bars

    A Mail Online article that tells the story of the Kray twins running a bodyguard and protection racket for Hollywood stars while in prison.

  • Mad Frankie Fraser

    Tells the story of his connection with the twins and the life of crime of this man quoted as "the most dangerous man in Britain" by two Home Secretaries.

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