Nonviolent Activism Organizations in the Best of the Web Directory

Nonviolent Activism Organizations

The Albert Einstein Institution

Promotes the use of strategic nonviolent actions to resolve conflicts around the world.

Alternatives to Violence

Get to know the undertakings of this project to help address the growing concern of violence. Learn about the products and conferences being offered and facilitated.

The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Contains articles, writings, news, and instructional materials for teaching nonviolence.

Deep Humanity Institute

Profiles information on the Institute's services, people, and activities. With location and contact details.

EMDR Human Assistance Programs

Showcases the achievements and activities of the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing group. Discussion groups and research findings also presented.

Flagstaff Center for Compassionate Communication

Learn about the Group's mission, get to know its services and activities, and go over the class schedules presented.

The Forgiveness Project

Presents the profile of an apolitical charitable institution that works for conflict resolution at the local, national, and international levels.


Contains news, editorials, pamphlets, and resources for nonviolent action, training, and education.

International Center for Nonviolent Conflict

Encourages the use of civilian based strategies or means to resolve conflicts and protect democracy and human rights.

Jonah House

Presents confessions of crimes against the State and features letters from convicts.

Karuna Center for Peacebuilding

Information about the Center's programs, services, and activities. With publications and links to other peace advocating websites.

Listening Project

Facilitates the communication, understanding, and empowerment of people in the fields of justice, peace, health, and environment.


Calls for individual initiative to find and start peace.

MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

Introduces the Institute's programs, events, and services. With news and action alerts.

Moviment Graffitti

Campaigns against the oppression and exploitation of people, environment, and animals. With forums and a photo archive.

Nonviolence International

Features global programs that aim to counter violence - peace education, advocacy activities, and more.

The Peace Alliance and Foundation

Promotes nonviolence by organizing principles and working for the passage of pertinent legislation.

Peace Learning Center

Posts various conflict management trainings and services. With materials for teachers and peace advocates.

Public Listening Project

Seeks to raise awareness among the public about the war situation in Iraq.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Features inspiration and information about showing random acts of kindness in the classroom, community or on an individual basis.

Resource Center for Nonviolence

Maintains collections of news, reports, programs, and articles that provide information or education on peace and conflict resolution.

Seeking Common Ground

Avenue for individual and group advocates for peace to interact, share ideas, and communicate programs and services.

World Peace Society

Conveys the message that addressing violence basically starts from individual sentiment and action, not just with political and governmental efforts.

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