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Culture Jamming

Adbusters Culture Jammer's Headquarters

Global network of activists, artists, educators, and entrepreneurs who seek to advance a new activist movement in the information age. Facilitates online petitions, presents critical mass tips, and exposes corporate propaganda.

ameriCON Incorporated

Poses as a US-based multinational company that attracts investments to dominate the world market. Spoofs various American companies.

Are You Generic?

Culture jamming group posting updates on their projects, an online shirt store, and information on the group.

Billboard Liberation Front

Campaigns for improved outdoor and street advertising. Site presents updates, contact details, and information on strategic partners.

Bug Me Not

Free service providing login information to many of the web's most popular sites that force registration.

Cacophony Society

Network of individuals who make use of subversion, pranks, art, and fringe explorations to deviate from "mainstream society.".

Culture Jamming

Presents a glimpse of modern culture jamming. With interviews, political games, and blogs.

The Detroit Project

Culture jamming based grassroots campaign aimed at convincing automakers to build fuel efficient cars.

Free Speech for Sale

Site feigns an online superstore offering products intended to indirectly criticize consumerism, commercialism, and the advertising industry.

Free Words

Book project distributed worldwide for free. Also available as a PDF download.


Spoofs the Google interface while presenting images, news, and resources that depict Internet regulation in China.


Site featuring experiments, art, activism, and development put up to compete with the typical commerce and community websites.

It Was Him!

Interactive site allows visitors to scribble on product campaign propaganda using a virtual pen. Also features other "vandalized" posters and images.

Mark Dery's Shovelware

Featuring the books, articles, and blogs of the cultural critic, Mark Dery. Dery wrote the essay "Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing, and Sniping in the Empire of the Signs" -- which helped popularize the term "culture jamming.".

Mental Floss

Official site of the magazine offering editor blogs, trivia, and subscription information.

National Cynical Network (NCN)

Alternative programming project offering news, webcasts, podcasts, essays, humor, quotes, and poetry.


Downloadable application for creating "funhouse-mirror" sites or for spoofing popular websites.

Culture jamming project where individuals restock shelves with artistically customized canned goods. Site offers photos, information on the project, and press clippings.

Encyclopedia introducing readers to the terms and theories behind culture jamming.

Soy Bomb Nation

Grassroots movement dedicated to the riddance of consumerism or corporatism in the media.


Risky and paradoxically successful project aimed at advocating voter responsibility, though cloaking as a vote trading facility.

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