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Television Technology

  • Audio Video 101

    Directory for locating theaters and other entertainment resources. With search tool.

  • Broadcast Papers

    Showcases articles, papers, and other documents useful in broadcast research and communications. Also allows for an online search for resources.

  • Broadcaster

    Canadian communications magazine provides details of subscriptions, events, resources, media kit and archive.

  • Federal Communications Commission Documents

    Document locator for official Communications legal papers and writings.

  • Grass Valley Dictionary

    Guide to comprehending technical terms used in the Grass Valley Publications.

  • How Stuff Works

    Review this page for helpful and informative articles that detail the way computer and electronic devices operate.

  • Integrated Publishing

    Features series for electrical engineering training. With doqnloadable related pages of information in pdf format.

  • National Television System Committee

    Provides links to helpful TV broadcast information and CD-ROMS featuring nearly a hundred related subjects.

  • Research and Development

    Resource for published papers on digital broadcasting, mpeg technology, spectrum management, communication systems, and other studio related matters.

  • RF Technology

    Presentation by Doug Lung includes updated information on TV RF broadcast technology. With links to related resources.

  • Tech Notes

    Features stories behind DTV progress and transition, digital cinema and film, TV standards and practices, and other related information.

  • Television Production

    Professor Ron Whittaker's free interactive course in studio and field production.

  • TV Heaven

    Get to know the abbreviations, acronyms, and TLAs frequently used in television and reception.

  • TV Technology

    Presents product reviews, references, industry resources, and various information about TV technology.

  • U.K. and R.O.I. Television Reception

    Collection of articles related to TV broadcasting, channeling, and reception.

  • UK Transmitters Information and Gallery

    See this huge information resource for a timeline in UK broadcasting, directory of transmitters, radio chatting, and links to related pages.

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