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Quality Engineering Nondestructive Testing Vendors

Ashtead Technology

Providing a wide range of technology rentals such as offshore equipment, environmental monitoring and NDT equipment.

Baker Testing Services, Inc.

Inspection services provided for industrial installations such as radiography and other ultrasonic requirements.


Archive of technical information about the company's products including technologies in industrial radiography and related equipment.

Computerised Information Technology Ltd.

Profiles the rendered service of the company for different industries with a catalog of available products presented.

Eddysonic NDT Engineers and Consultants

Indian enterprise engaged in the field of conducting inspection services in various industrial applications.

Enduro Pipeline Services

Details on the technical services including a gallery of available products, documentations and equipment tracking.


References for the services of the company focusing on acoustic emission and inspection technologies.

FocalSpot, Inc.

Inspection systems provided by the company utilizing x-ray for scanning functions. Includes description of other services and available products.

Fort Imaging Systems

Selection of different products available including endoscopes, illumination kits and other tools for visualization purposes.

Guided Ultrasonics Ltd.

Discusses the capabilities of the wavemaker pipe screening system with sample instances of its applications and technical support.

ICIASA Control e Inspeccion S.L.

Spanish company providing services in nondestructive testing applications and other related inspection procedures.

ICM Industrial Control Machines S.A.

Indicates the capabilities of devices supplied by the company for radiologic applications, which includes X-ray generators for industrial usage.

IIS NDT and Allied Services Pvt. Ltd.

Specialist in deploying inspection processes for infrastructure building projects, power stations, steel plants and other industrial applications.

Integrated Endoscopy

Manufacturer of video inspection systems as well as products capable of endoscopic evaluation processes.

KUB Quality Services

Conducts training for nondestructive testing processes including other inspection methods such as radiographic, ultrasonic and magnetic particle evaluations.

Laser Techniques Company

Sensor systems crafted by the commercial entity for inspection and measurement operations in various industrial applications.

Lixi Inc.

Imaging devices supplied by the company for inspection of manufacturing procedures.

Magna Check, Inc.

Explains the advantage of utilizing the testing method for non-destructive analysis of radiography, ultrasonics and related functions.

Mastrad Quality and Test Systems

Global coverage of supplying process technology and inspection methods for concrete and asphalts. Includes technical details on other applications.

Nationwide Inspection Systems

Introduces the program series produced by the company for evaluation processes required by manufacturers.

NDT Electronic Services

Description of various services offered by the enterprise for radiation safety and devices for measurement, gamma and x-ray applications.

NDT Inspection and Testing Ltd.

Developer of ultrasonic imaging operations, inspection methods and other services rendered for analytical functions.

NDT Solutions, Inc.

Technical overview of the firm's capabilities in inspection processes utilizing non-destructive operations.

NDT Supply

Contains description of the products and technologies offered for industrial applications.

NDT Technologies, Inc.

Offering solutions geared to automated non-destructive testing, precision measuring and material handling.

NDT Technology

Service provider for consultancy and non-destructive inspection procedures. Includes certification details.

NEXUS Engineering Ltd.

Private enterprise offering inspection methods for various materials and structures. Indicates the scientific studies covered.

North Star Imaging, Inc.

Consultations rendered for industrial x-ray applications as well as training and materials supply.

Pan-American Industries, Inc.

Profiles the operations of the company specializing in ultrasonic technologies. Includes description of software tools offered.

Pensacola Testing Laboratories, Inc.

Points out the capabilities of the company in inspection processes utilizing nondestructive methods.

Personnel for Quality and Nondestructive Testing

Employment resource providing guide for companies and workers involved in the industry operations.

Pratita Prama Nugraha

Indonesian company involved in integration of the inspection procedure in medical imaging, radiology and other product interventions.

Precision NDT Sdn Bhd

Solutions provider for nondestructive testing applications including supply of equipment required for the operation.

Quest TruTec

Developer of measurement and performance modeling applications utilized in chemical and gas processing, power generation and global refining industries.

Radiant Quality Services

Applications specialist for testing processes in power plant, foundries, petrochemical and other industries.

Red Wave Technologies

Deploys visual inspection technologies for technical applications as well as industrial photography.

RSL Aberdeen Ltd.

Calibration specialist working on repair and development of equipment utilized for nondestructive analysis.

Russell NDE Systems Inc.

Sells probing devices and other instruments utilized for nondestructive inspection processes.

Sattler Consultants

Upgraded servicing for nondestructive analytical processes required by various industries including government agencies.

Sciemetric Instruments

Systems and software specialist for quality control processes involving manufacturing applications.


Equipment supplier for inspection procedures as well as servicing and other related technologies.

Silverwing UK

Manufacturing firm focusing on non destructive examination techniques implemented for various industrial applications.


Specifications of the inspection tool developed by Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. for nondestructive evaluation of concrete materials and structures.

TAI Services Inc.

Technical specialist for inspection processes including heat exchangers and cooling technologies.


Analytical instruments and quality control equipment supplied by the company for maintenance, production and other processes.

Technical Inspection Services (UK) Ltd.

Testing company specializing in non destructive processes. Includes definition of other services as well as overview of handled cases.

Thermal Vision

Developer of monitoring solutions implemented for quality control and thermography applications. Indexes other capabilities as well.

Vidisco Ltd.

Inspection systems developed by the commercial firm for testing processes. Available products include portable digital x-ray devices.

Watford Control Ltd.

Designs and builds voltage control systems and other products provided for power conditioning and relevant applications.

Willick Engineering Company, Inc.

Supplier of X-ray systems and other filmless imaging applications with laboratories that develops digital detection devices.

X-Ray Associates LLC

Claims to have pioneered digital imaging systems with custom design, installation and engineering services rendered for industries.

X-Ray Imaging Solutions Inc.

Manufacturer of x-ray systems developed for handheld security and other industrial applications. Includes profile of its commercial operations.

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