Technology and Energy Unproven Concepts in the Best of the Web Directory

Technology and Energy Unproven Concepts

  • Atmospheric Vortex Engine

    Introduces the processes involved in producing concentrated mechanical energy and tornado-like current with details on its thermodynamics and other properties.

  • Centrafusion

    Developer of systems for future methods in energy generation with selection of various products and event details presented.

  • EarthTech International, Inc.

    Highlights updates on documented studies as well as experiment details, media coverage and profile of the company’s operations.

  • Electrical Power Production from Magnetic Tapes

    Documentation of the proposed business operation suggesting the material to be used as portable source of energy. Provides technical data and related sources of information.

  • John Searl Solution

    Introduces the capabilities of the proposed energy source with updates on developed technologies.

  • Joseph Newman's Energy Machine

    Explains the functions of the system including technical specifications and video presentation.

  • Nu Energy Research Institute

    Details the transmutation processes of electrical energy as studied by the institution involved in power generation technologies.

  • NuScam

    Record of claims to proposed energy sources. Features an overview of technologies put in evaluation.


    Dubbed as Over Unity Power Research, the study aims to discover findings on hydrogen fuel, pulse motors and other technical topics.

  • Primordial Energy

    Details of the invention by Bruce DePalma with technical documentations presented explaining its impacts and implications.

  • Test Reports - Joseph Newman's Device

    Fact sheets and other data providing insights to an analytical study investigating the capabilities of the proposed energy machine.

  • Tom Bearden Page

    Accounts the discoveries of the inventor including report on the progress of the studies and related publications.

  • Tribrids

    Proposed mode of transportation utilizing alternative fuel sources for vehicle operations. Specifies the various aspects of its functions.

  • ZPEnergy

    News coverage on energy technologies proposed to be feasible in real applications. Includes links to related data sources.

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