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Renewable Energy Wind

American Wind Energy Association

Trade association established to represent wind power project developers, service providers, researchers, and manufacturers and suppliers of parts and equipment. awea

Curry and Kerlinger, LLC

Engaged in advisory services rendered for birds and wildlife issues brought up by the wind power industry. Includes technical references and study reports.

EIA Renewable Energy Wind Data

Indexes relative figures describing the different densities exhibited by air current. Also provides other related information providing statistical data available to read in various formats.

Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

Serves as a representative forum for the wind energy sector working in the areas of policy development, business leadership, global outreach, information and education. GlobalWindEC

Kilronan Wind Farm

Crafted with turbines that functions to generate fuel through the air current. Indicates environmental effects and technology updates.

Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition (MAREC)

Alliance of wind energy companies, wind turbine manufacturers, public interest organizations, legal firms, and service companies committed to promoting renewable energy in the Mid-Atlantic region.

NaiKun Wind Development Inc.

Profile of the company’s operations involved in developing alternative sources of energy from natural resources. Features media coverage and news articles on their activities.

NREL Wind Research

Cites the projects and other program sanctioned by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in order to study the feasibility of other power source and applied technologies.

Offshore Wind Energy

Guide for individuals and entities in the profession of power conversion from air current. Provides record of reports as well as guides and project descriptions.

Profile of the North American Offshore Wind Project providing details on the program's coverage of development.

Pacific Hydro

Focuses in developing projects on renewable energy sources. Provides an overview on the industry covered by the Australian company.

Scottish Wind Assessment Project

Research program aiming to discover energy potential from winds. Contains archive of downloadable reports.

Western Resource Advocates

Advocacy group adhering to promote environmental protection and economic framework on restoration of energy, land and water resources. Projects planned activities.

Wind Power

Data set containing an archive of relevant information sources relating to windfarm operations. Features technical data, statistics, news updates and studies.

Windlab Systems

Conducts consultations on analytical processes of wind resources and other related applications.

Windpower Monthly

News magazine covering recent developments in the industry. Features articles and event updates.

World Wind Energy Association

International nonprofit organization created to promote and deploy wind energy technology.

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