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Solar Electric

  • AcroEnergy

    Offers solar panels to residential and commercial buildings with facts on saving energy.

  • Building Integrated Photovoltaics

    Collaborative undertaking by the University of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation aiming to develop the device capable of collecting energy from the sun.

  • European Photovoltaic Industry Association

    Posts announcement of activities sanctioned by the group that promotes solar electricity utilization. Includes structure of affiliation and statistical data.

  • Global Approval Program - Photovoltaics

    Introduction to the project's scope of activities including an archive of published materials and description of training programs.

  • Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc.

    Advocates reforestation programs in global coverage of operations by conducting turnkey projects and related activities.

  • IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Program

    Data on the various aspects of the project conducted to develop applications of solar electricity generated from the studied device. Provides reports and published materials.

  • Institute of Energy Conversion

    Formed as a multi-disciplinary entity working on developmental studies and projects to improve the functions of photovoltaic solar cells.

  • International Energy Agency – Photovoltaic Power Systems

    Highlights details of the organization’s project in setting up an urban-scale application of the solar equipment. Reports meeting with workplan details provided.

  • International Solar Energy Society

    Global scope of membership for firms engaged in the development of the alternative power source. Contains documentation on organized events.

  • Maine Solar House

    Design details of the constructed residential home installed with machines that uses alternative energy sources to fuel equipment. Indicates project costs of production.

  • North Carolina Solar Center

    Clearinghouse intended for programs on solar and other renewable energy sources. Provides newsletter archives, sponsorship details and information on researches.

  • NREL Photovoltaic Research

    Division of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory facilitating research studies to develop technologies in conversion of solar fuels.

  • Off the Grid Living

    References for the kind of lifestyle wherein alternative energy sources are utilized to fuel homes including other residential equipment. Includes product information.

  • Photovoltaics Laboratory

    Technical specifications of the different phases involving the operation of the device used to generate energy from the heat of the sun.


    Consortium of Italian and German entities conducting research and demonstration projects relating to photovoltaic technologies.

  • - Photovoltaic Power

    Technical resource providing definition of the functions of solar panels in generating energy. Indicates its various applications and advantages.


    Discussion on the applications and developed photovoltaic installations. Cites commercial updates detailing technology innovations.

  • RV Solar Power

    Illustrates the placement of components included in the installation that generates electricity from the sun's power.

  • School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

    Educational institution of the University of New South Wales offering undergraduate studies to learn the mechanisms and technology of solar energy applications.

  • Shreyansh Electronics

    Supplies rechargeable solar power components as well as educational kits, installations and other related products.

  • Solar Panel Info

    Discusses the renewable energy production method including installation and environmental information.

  • Solar Power Answers

    Reference for the design and other aspects of building a photovoltaic installation. Includes technical data on energy generation processes.

  • Solar Warrior Photovoltaic System

    Accounts the various aspects of constructing the installation including pictures illustrating its mechanisms.

  • Sun Path Chart Program

    Explains the scope of the project initiated by University of Oregon's solar radiation monitoring laboratory.

  • Sunergy Systems

    Full service provider of design, engineering, sales, and installation of solar electric and solar hot water applications for residential and commercial clients in Washington and Oregon.

  • Texas Solar Energy Society

    Overview of the organization's functions in advocating the use of renewable energy applications.

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