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Nuclear Waste

AREVA NC - La Hague Plant

Indicates what can be seen at the facility built to reprocess used power reactor fuels. Also features news updates.

California Radioactive Materials Management Forum

Consortium of private and public institutions in the region that generates radioactive wastes in their operations. Includes membership and activity details.

CRS Reports

Contains an archive of documentations on programs conducted for waste management processes as compiled by the Congressional Research Service.

DOE Environmental Management - Waste and Materials Disposition Information

Index of report compilation and various resource materials relating to policies imposed on nuclear energy operations.

Grimsel Test Site

Facility built for research and developmental projects held underground. Aims to devise solutions on proper disposal procedures of wastes from radioactive materials.

Technical discussion about the chemicals and other environmental effects of nuclear wastes including details on proposed disposal procedures.

Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board

Discusses the origin of the council with reports from previous activities, published materials and project description.


Specialist in managing the dispatching methods of radioactive components. Features documentation of projects and other reports.

Radioactive Waste Management

Explains the functions of the Nuclear Energy Agency division in developing solutions to manage wastes from operations involving radioactive materials.

Radioactive Waste Repository Authority

Points out the locations of various storage facilities for nuclear wastes. Includes annual report.

Source for relevant documentations and other references for radioactive waste management issues.

State of Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects

Addresses confrontations about the region's policy on waste management solutions. Includes overview of recent programs.

SwRI Geosciences and Engineering Division

Program developer conducting research activities and other efforts to solve relevant technical issues on waste disposal.

Transmutation of Radioactive Waste

Detailed discussion about the processes involving actinides. Includes links to related sources.

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