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Hydrogen Energy

American Hydrogen Association

Initiates activities for the development of the renewable energy source in the country. Involved in publishing updates and discussions on the industry.

Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR

Organizer of events that are specially conducted in order to showcase the latest development in hydrogen industry. Indexes documentation of organized conferences.

BlackLight Power, Inc.

Develops hydrogen chemistry applications and related technology. Introduces different studies covered by their operations including modeling of molecular particles.

Canadian Hydrogen Association

Operates as a non-profit entity supporting the use of the element and its various aspects in production and storage procedures. Indicates membership and event details.

DOE Hydrogen Program

Mentions details of recent activities organized for the development of the element’s applications in energy generation. Cites participating firms and technical documentations.

European Hydrogen Association

Organized to provide membership among individuals engaged in the study of the renewable energy source. Indexes imposed rules and history of its establishment.

False Promise of the Hydrogen Economy

Study opposing the capability of the renewable energy as a power source. Cites related source of information covering topics on fuel cells, scientific facts and political aspect.

Guru’s Lair – Hydrogen Library

Proves that the element is a gas and not a fuel. Contains references, articles and other facts pointing out the material’s function as an energy transport media only.

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