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Devices Fuel Cells


Customizes products that can generate power depending on the industrial specifications. Contains news articles, event coverage and profile of management team.

Build Your Own Fuel Cells

Article written by Phillip Hurley discussing instructions on how to create the device including steps in constructing various types of proton exchange membrane fuel cells, electrolyzers and related systems.

Chewonki Renewable Hydrogen Project

Covers the industry of alternative energy industry in Maine. Provides an archive of technical documentation and project management details.

Clean Edge

Publishing entity conducting research studies to analyze sanitary technologies. Contains service definition and archive of reports.


Marine craft manufacturer focusing on environmentally-friendly powerboats. Contains technical data about built structures.

ElectroChem Incorporated

Commercial company suppling test equipment, hydrogen fuel cells and other related components.

Element 1 Power Systems Inc.

Overview of the alternative energy source's functions with instructions, demonstrations and other technical data provided.

EnergyOr Technologies, Inc.

Customizes fuel cell systems and other specified energy source installations for various clients.


Posts updates on the commercial activities of the company specializing in metal fuel applications.

Fuel Cell Materials

Selection of various devices crafted for engineering and product development processes.

Fuel Cell Store

Supplier of different types of portable energy source. Includes classification of product types.


Compilation of industry resources including reports, presentations, technical documentation and definition of the electrochemical device.

Fuelless Engine

Defines the technical specifications of the device created to generate electricity. Provides ordering procedure of plans available for purchase.

Global Thermoelectric

Focuses in supplying fuel sources for industrial applications requiring remote operations. Provides description of other rendered services.

H2 ECOnomy

Discusses the firm's capabilities in fuel cell technologies including product development and research on bipolar plate material among other components.

Hoku Scientific, Inc.

Commercial firm engaged in materials science industries and development of solutions for clean energy sources.


Specializes in demonstrating the mechanisms of fuel cell technologies through educational models.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Letter

Coverage on developments in the industry with overview of previous and current issues. Indicates subscription procedures.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Institute

Posts news updates relating to the organization's activities as well as statistical report on industry operations.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Video

Overview of the contents of the visual presentation that relays how the material functions.

Hydrogenics Corporation

Commercial enterprise specializing in serving fuel cell markets by providing power systems and product development.

IEA Advanced Fuel Cells Implementing Agreement

Cites the functions of the council established to demonstrate, develop and conduct researches on advanced fuel cell systems.

Independent Power Technologies

Profiles the firm's commercial operations including an index of developed products and details on research activities.

Infinity Fuel Cell

Developer of hydrogen products as well as commercial fuel cells utilized in aerospace industries.

Johnson Matthey Gas Purification Technology

Product specialist for the device application. Includes archive of available products and technical updates.


Technology development organization engaged in health, water and energy applications. Cites its spearheaded innovations in the industry.

Manhattan Scientifics, Inc.

Relays updates on the commercial firm's operations including details on its technical capabilities and staff profile.

Materials and Systems Research, Inc.

Specialist in hydrogen production, electrolysis and fuel cell technologies with a selection of products and services rendered for the industry.

Microcell Corporation

Microfiber design specialist rendering service for commercial applications. Includes details on partnership and investments.

N-GHY Fuel Processors

Indicates the company's commercial operations in developing fuel cell tools. Documents outcome of research and technical studies.

Novel Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Indicates the coverage of the research project about the possible use of the component as an energy source.

NuVant Systems

Licensing agency for fuel cell components with capabilities in evaluation instrumentation processes.

Nuvera Fuel Cells

Alternative energy specialist working on product development and other technologies. Profiles the company's operations as well.

Plug Power

Service provider for telecommunications industry requiring back-up power devices. Includes details of company operations.


Supplies portable power equipment utilized in military and commercial applications. Includes news updates.


Company that aims to reduce the existence of emissions in distributed energy by developing technologies capable of low carbon power functions.

Third Orbit Power Systems, Inc.

Discusses details of the industry operations with technical overview and description of rendered services by the company.

Undergraduate Fuel Cell Research

Facility at the University of Washington developing studies on engineering techniques relevant to the field.

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