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Energy Conservation Organizations

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Established as a non-profit group advocating environmental protection by organizing conferences, analysis of policy changes and publication of reports.

Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Proposes methods in developing solutions for environmental problems arising from industrial, manufacturing and commercial applications. Provides references on energy efficiency and technology definitions.

Center for Resource Solutions

National coverage of global operations on issues pertaining to climate changes. Provides historical information on their operations and certification details.

China-U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance

Promotes reduction of carbon emission in global scope as supported by the two nations. Relays information on their efforts for global environmental protection.

Consortium for Energy Efficiency

Functions as a non-profit entity for members to support development of energy efficiency through products, service applications and technologies.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

Advocates environmental protection for consumer energy utilization. Provides information on renewable energy sources and news articles.

Energy Saving Trust

Financed by private and government sectors in addressing climate changes in buildings around Europe.

Energy Services and Technology Association

Relays updates about the recent activities of the organization involved in energy saving projects. Posts announcements of events and technical information on developed technologies.

Environmental Energy Technologies Division

Facilitates research studies for the development of energy efficiency methods, atmospheric science analysis and quality assessments.

European Institute for Energy Research

Points out the activities of the institution developing studies on emissions, fossil fuels and other relevant operations.


Voluntary project initiated by European Commission in order to support efficient energy utilization and related advocacies.

International Institute for Energy Conservation

Non-profit association established for nongovernmental operations on implementing environmental programs in selected countries.

International Network for Sustainable Energy

Highlights news articles detailing the group's activities relating to the industry. Posts schedule of events and seminars.

Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources

Government agency initiating projects. Includes details of its other operations.

Midwest Renewable Energy Association

Posts updates on organized activities by the association including references for training and educational opportunities.

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Overview of the nonprofit network's activities with details on imposed public standards and certifications provided.

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Promotes services and products requiring lower energy sources in order to operate. Presents articles providing industry updates.

South Carolina Energy Office

Community assistance for citizens regarding developed technologies on efficient energy utilization and other environmental concerns.

Sustainable Energy Coalition

Alliance among organizations and government agencies conducting events and other activities in relation to fuel and environmental matters.

Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation

Implements methods in order to lessen energy utilization for a variety of clients. Provides references for customers.

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