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Digital Signal Processing - DSP

  • 2Pi

    Solutions specialist for digital signal processing in hearing and communications platform. Includes updates on research activities.

  • AlgoTron

    Software creator focusing in the telecommunications industry and modem data pump uses. Renders consultation services as well.

  • Analog and DSP

    References for design tools and digital signal processing systems. Contains an archive of news articles and technical information.

  • Arescon, Ltd.

    Research entity offering consultation services for instrumentation and control application. Provides technical details of services.

  • ARGUS Associates

    Innovates telecommunication devices depending on client specifications. Provides description of rendered services.

  • Audionica

    Software developer for control systems, biomedic applications and psychoacoustics. Includes service description and technical articles.

  • Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.

    Consulting firm for signal processing technology business operations. Conducts market analysis and other reports covering the industry.

  • Bitmetrix

    Reviews prototypes and adjustment of electronic systems. Capable in relevant services covering wireless communications and simulations.

  • CDA Systems Ltd.

    Focuses in custom application of engineered electronic design systems for industrial and other relevant functions.

  • CEVA, Inc.

    Engaged in licensing processes for intellectual property platform solutions developed for consumer, multimedia and wireless application.

  • ChipWrights

    Company specializing in semiconductor production focusing on fabless characteristics. Includes industry updates and technical references.

  • Communication Automation Corporation

    Specialist in telecommunication solutions as well as digital signal processing applications. Includes manual of available products.

  • Cube-Tec International

    Audio solutions developer for industries requiring such application. With a selection of various products available.

  • D3 Engineering

    Hardware and software development services rendered for data processing technologies. Indicates methods imposed for the function.

  • Dalanco Spry

    Supplier of digital and analog boards embedded with data acquisition system processes. Indicates technical support.

  • Design and Reuse

    Developer of system-on-chip embedded applications with an archive of technical articles and tools for data searching.

  • Digital Signal Processing FAQs

    Index of technical data as well as answers of common inquiries about the technology's operations.

  • DSP Algorithms

    Consultations offered by the company for industries requiring assembly optimization and algorithm development applications.

  • DSP Dimension

    Compilation of tutorial articles and source codes for audio processing systems. Provides news articles as well.

  • DSP Interchange

    Indicates the technical functions of the process imposed on weak signal occurrences. Includes related articles.

  • DSP Valley

    Specialist in developing embedded technologies and system design applications. Includes updates on industrial operations.


    Reference for updates in the industry covering technological progress in signal processing and other product developments.

  • dspGuru

    Shared resources for designers involved in the processing method. Contains collection of articles and reference materials.


    Professional resource providing discussions and dissemination of progress in the engineering operations.

  • Encore Software

    Solutions developer offering product development for various application ranging from speech coders, system design and voice-over Internet protocol among other signal processing functions.

  • GAO Research Inc.

    Developer of devices embedded with added technical capabilities for telecommunications and semiconductor engineering applications.

  • Highland Communications Technologies

    Focuses in producing software modules and related electronic functions. Cites licensing and affiliation information.

  • Hunt Engineering

    Specializes in providing modular and digital signal processing systems. Includes technical overview of developed products.

  • ICS Design

    Software products offered for relevant applications in databases and security systems with integrated circuits designed for digital signal processing.

  • Innovative Integration

    Integrates technology functions for data acquisition systems and other relevant applications with embedded control operations.

  • Ittiam Systems

    Relays updates on recent developments in the commercial firm working on digital signal processing applications.

  • The Kalman Filter

    Indexes relevant information about the device including research documentations, tutorials, courses and links to related data sources.

  • Leaff Engineering

    Italian firm supplying products for digital applications. Includes index of commercial affiliates.

  • Mango DSP

    Video surveillance systems deployed by the company for firms requiring such applications. Cites sample instances of rendered service.

  • MicroLAB Systems

    Index of various products supplied by the company. With pricing information, news articles and contact details provided.

  • Module Research Center

    Integrates processing systems capable of image and video functions as well as embedded computer operations.

  • Momentum Data Systems

    Hardware products supplied by the company for digital signal processes. Includes technical overview of available systems.

  • Pentek, Inc.

    Variety of products available for industries requiring digital signal applications. Includes classified searching of devices.

  • Rincon Research Corporation

    Deploys processing systems embedded with digital signal functions. Includes details of facilities and services.

  • Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing

    Archive of various reference articles provided by Steven Smith for professionals involved in the field.

  • Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory

    Facility at the Cambridge University's engineering department conducting research activities on the data acquisition system.

  • Signal Processing for Experimental Chemistry Teaching and Research

    Features screenshots from the program's operation in instructing signal processing functions.

  • Signal Processing Solutions

    Distributor of electronic files and related technologies integrated with digital signal applications.

  • Signatec

    Range of supplied devices include digitizers, radar, medical imaging and data acquisition systems.

  • Signion Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    Indicates the firm's capabilities in digital signal processing industries. Includes product gallery and service description.

  • Spectrum Digital, Inc.

    Variety of products available for purchase including evaluation modules, emulators and development packages.

  • Spectrum Signal Processing

    Discusses operation of software defined radio developed for industrial applications. Includes details on other functions.

  • SPUC - Signal processing using C++

    Technical documentation providing insights to the program's functions in integrating the signal system to various applications.

  • Traquair

    Array of various hardware products supplied for imaging, reconfigurable computing and other relevant functions.

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