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Reference Vacuum Tubes

  • Cathode Corner

    Details the progress of constructed electronic components including clocks operated by the device.

  • Communications and Power Industries - Power Grid Devices

    Overview of developed products specializing in transmitter tubes and other electronic components.

  • Dr. Tube

    Claims to have expertise in modifying and repairing of tube amplifiers as well as purchasing of components needed.

  • Duncan's Amp Pages

    Collection of technical references for SPICE simulation techniques and index of downloadable applications.


    Indicates the purchasing processes of available tube products. Provides a classified index of devices.

  • Mike's Electric Stuff

    Contains instructions on how to build various devices such as miniature valves, photoelectric cells and Geissler tubes.

  • Nixie Tubes

    Technical guide indicating the mechanism of the numeric form crafted for electronic devices.


    Showcases assembled receivers by the hobbyist with technical specifications presented. Also features schematic diagrams.

  • Russian Tube Factories and Logos

    Provides details on manufactured products by the Soviet inventors. Includes classification of different devices.

  • Shortwave Transmitter Tubes

    Indexes supplier of the electronic device with information on each of the manufacturer's location and contact references.

  • Svetlana Tubes

    Indexes available parts and components for the electronic device. Also provides technical articles.

  • Triode Electronics Inc.

    Details of supplied devices including amplifier parts, transformers, capacitors and other components.

  • Tube CAD Journal

    Reference for analysis and design of tube circuits as compiled by John Broskie including article archives and news updates.

  • Vacuum Tube Valley

    Compilation of common facts and other descriptions about the electronic component with an index of alphanumeric classifications.

  • Vintage H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive

    Showcases a variety of vacuum tubes manufactured from previous years with a gallery of products.

  • Virtual Valve Museum

    Selection of different types of the electronic tools with pictures of the equipment and specifications on its capacity.

  • World Tube Audio

    Gallery of different tube amplifier with descriptions provided as well as newsletter archives.

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