Lightning and its Effects in the Best of the Web Directory

Lightning and its Effects

  • High Voltage Mystery: Ball Lightning

    Discusses the research studies conducted for the installation that emits electrical explosion. Includes links to relevant sources about the phenomenon.

  • Lightning Rod Man

    Installs protective systems against the electrical spark for commercial, industrial and residential purposes. Indicates the equipment used for the structure.

  • Lightning Safe

    Supplier of equipment for protective purposes when exposed in the spark. Also provides methods on installing the device and components required.

  • Lightning Systems

    Renders installation of protective systems, grounding installations and purchasing of surge mask components. Indexes various materials available.

  • National Lightning Safety Institute

    Advocates protective demonstrations of the electrical exhibition. Conducts consultations and training to learn proper handling.

  • Striking Images’s Lightning Galleries

    Showcases collection of photos that captures the phenomenon of electrical spark. Includes pictures that can be used as posters or as screensavers.

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