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Commercial Sources

Electrotherapy Museum

Records the technical specification of vintage devices such as carbon arc lamps, static electric machines and resonance instruments. Includes articles on Tesla components and technologies.


Performs voltage stunts and installation of lightning effects for various purposes including educational demonstrations and media presentations. Also permits renting of its available equipment.

Legion Electronics

Fabricates custom Tesla coils for specific requirements. Also renders servicing for safety inspection and consultation of design schemes.

Mega Volt

Installs lightning generators to create special effects by assembling high voltage Tesla coils capable of electrical explosion. Indicates technical references for its devices.

Resonance Research Corporation

Instrumentation firm that conducts exhibitions to showcase crackle tubes, plasma balls, lightning generators and Tesla coils with high voltage.

Tesla Systems Research Inc.

Specialist in manufacturing equipment with high voltage characteristics built for museums and academic institutions that require the device for special effects and educational demonstrations.

Tesla Technology Research

Electrical firm involved in designing and producing Tesla coils and component parts. Available for assembly and consultation services as well.

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