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High Voltage Generators

200kV Voltage Multiplier

Historical overview of how the component was invented. Specifies the components used and assembly instructions.

Capacitor-Bank Discharge Experiments

Technical article that details the methodologies indicated to construct the project labeled as dangerous in terms of failure effects.

Chaos Labs High Voltage Division

Variety of experiments and electrical projects built for manipulation of flyback circuit, tension multiplier and transformers.

Double Van de Graaff Generator

Explains the mechanisms of the device with a selection of pictures as well as technical data relating to its operations.

Electrostatic Machines

Discusses the functions of the electromechanical device known to emit static electricity. Indicates the technical methods implemented with pictures provided.


Interprets the experiments conducted by the enthusiast including projects on alternator, arc and spark displays. Provides an archive of related technical articles.

High Potential Limited

Manufacturing specialist for power supplies having high voltage properties. Devises electronic solutions for applicable technologies.

Jacob’s Ladder Construction

Indicates the procedures on how to build the climbing arc display. Provides technical information on its properties and explanation why it is reacted.

Power and Energy Systems Group

Division at the University of Waterloo involved in the engineering field with researches conducted for product development.

Power Generation Solutions

A leading supplier and exporter of diesel generators, including emergency generators and industrial generator types, as well as accessories and parts such as an automatic voltage regulator and automatic transfer switch.

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