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Electronics Design

Circuit Cellar

Publication for engineers interested in computer applications and related electronic technologies. Covers updates in the industry.

Electronic Design

Highlights industry updates in the published material that contains technology discussions and details on newly released products.

Electronix Express

Technical specifications of available products with categorization according to manufacturer and updates on new tools.


Constructs stand-alone software to assist in designing electrical control and automation systems. Provides an index of available products and rendered services.

Extec Hybrids Ltd.

Produces thick film hybrid microcircuits and chips used in military and avionics. Indicates the capability of their devised microelectronic system solutions.


Commercial digital dashboard software provided for cycle time management. Provides discussion of related topics and news articles.

Great River Technology, Inc.

Selection of development tools for digital video applications. Available products include data transmission for cockpit displays, avionics graphics generator and flight simulators.

Innovasic Semiconductor

Replacement products crafted for integrated circuits that had been ceased to use and embedded microcontrollers. Provides product details, technical support and company profile.

Interactive Design and Simulation System

Utilizes graphic schematics for the design and simulation of complicated digital circuits. Also features example of prototyping and architecture studies.

Intetron Consulting, Inc.

Focuses in engineering application of electromagnetic interference. Deals with the ability of devices and systems to perform limited operation without obstructing with other equipment.

Introspek Scientific

Wireless technology specialist providing technical services on custom application of RF installations.

Meric Technology, Inc.

Assistance provided for commercial operations on distribution of integrated circuits and related electronic system functions.


Producer of prototypes utilized for modeling of printed circuit boards from multilayer to double-sided type.

Pete Wild

Consultations offered for electronic design applications and other technical businesses requiring such services.

Plextek Ltd.

Focuses in consultancy for design implementation of products and installations utilized in automotive, electronic, communication and other technologies.

RED Free Circuit Designs

Selection of different component layouts for audio devices as well as home, music, health and automotive applications.

softDSP Company

Wireless network sensors developed for data acquisition systems. Indicates field of specialization in various electronic software design.

System Plus Consulting

Software products offered by the company as well as advisory services for cost control of microelectronic systems.


Contains an index of available products supplied by the company including details of rendered services for board fabrication.

VinChip Systems, Inc.

Involved in developing interface technologies through semiconductor devices. Includes updates on released products.

Williamson Labs – Electronics Tutorials

Animated presentation of prototyping and workflow of electronic operation provided to learn basic functions. Covers topics in decoupling, shielding, bypassing and layout of printed circuit boards.

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