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Cryotechnology Equipment

  • Acme Cryogenics, Inc.

    Equipment manufacturer for various industries including chemical, medical, industrial gas and electronics. Conducts repair and field service for pressure vessel and piping system.

  • Advanced Research Systems, Inc.

    Manufacturer of closed and open cycle cryogenic coolers with selection of custom or standard application interfaces. Integrates instrumentation, temperature controller and vacuum systems for the device.

  • American Magnetics, Inc.

    Various type of superconducting magnet systems manufactured by the company for magnetic applications such as liquid helium level monitors and cryogenic level instruments.

  • Andonian Cryogenics Inc.

    Producer of equipment used for cryogenic, industrial and medical applications including hydrostatic test, liquid oxygen transfilling system and medical breathing devices.


    Classified products include equipment for cryo preparation, ion beam milling, critical point drying and coating as well.

  • Brymill Cryogenic Systems

    Produce liquid nitrogen, cryosurgical and devices for cryospray. Discusses the applications of their products and index of distributors where the equipment would be available.

  • Chart Industries

    Serves the cryogenic needs of various industries covering biological laboratory and research, medical, metal fabrication and reliability test chambers.

  • Chart Industries International

    Operates in various countries providing solutions for cryogenic requirements of various industries including metal fabrication, biological laboratory and reliability test chambers.

  • Cold Jet

    Highlights product details of the company’s machine that can produce dry ice using pelletizers. Provides comparison of the device to available equipment in the market.


    Integrates the functions of cryogenics for use in laboratory, homecare, medical, research and other industrial applications. Choices of products include vacuum jacketed piping and portable dewars.

  • Cryomech, Inc.

    Manufacturing firm engaged in design and production of cryorefrigerator devices.

  • Cryotech International

    Technical support and sales services in cryogenic transfer systems. Indexes available products.

  • Eleet Cryogenics, Inc.

    Repair and rehabilitation facility for cryogenic operations. Contains review of available product inventory.

  • Generant Relief Valves

    Selection of various cryogenic devices provided by the company. Includes technical information and illustrations.

  • Ice Tech Ireland Ltd

    Provides a fast and effective industrial cleaning service utilising dry ice blasting. Includes company news and gallery.

  • Inox India Limited

    Insulation systems and equipment supplied for cryogenic operations. Includes industry updates and gallery of available products.

  • Janis Research

    Development of various products utilized for cryogenic functions such as dilution refrigerators and superconducting magnets among other devices.

  • Kelvin International Corporation

    Updates on recently released products focusing on cryogenic devices. Provides classified archive of developed products.

  • LakeShore Cryotonics, Inc.

    Develops control systems and measurement applications for various industrial purposes. Provides technical description of manufactured devices.

  • Liquid Nitrogen Level Controllers

    Selection of available installations manufactured by JC Controls, a company specializing in the field.

  • Northeast Services Inc.

    Indicates the available products supplied by the company including environmental chambers, cryo-biological installations, pipelines and other related systems.

  • Oxford Cryosystems

    Selection of different devices manufactured for sample cooling requirements covering powder diffraction and single crystal applications.

  • Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports

    Catalog of available products supplied for industries requiring such installations.

  • Quality Cryogenics

    Repair center for liquid cylinder as well as production of vacuum jacketed pipes. Includes an overview of product functions.

  • Quantum Technology Corp.

    Focuses in supplying scientific instruments embedded with custom cryogenic applications.

  • Sartorius Stedim Biotech S.A.

    Supplier of devices capable in freeze and thawing applications. Profiles the company's commercial operations.

  • SSB Cryogenic Equipment Pte. Ltd.

    Renders ship purging and supply of liquid carbon dioxide for various operations specially in marine industries. Provides technical data on offered services.

  • Sylab

    Supplies cryobiology equipment such as freezers with controllable rate including microbial analyzers for microbiologic mechanisms.

  • Union Engineering

    Carbon dioxide technology specialist serving various industries requiring supplies and component installation.

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