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Cryogenic Processing of Materials

  • Arrow Cryogenics Inc.

    Renders service involving deburring, deflashing and other related finishing processes for industrial equipment.

  • Controlled Thermal Processing

    Cryogenic processing firm helps increase wear resistance and life of metal and some plastics through controlled thermal processing or cryogenics.

  • Cryogenics International

    Presents deep cryogenic treatment systems and provides processing related services to increase the strength of metals, plastics, and other materials.

  • Cryo-Performance

    Get a glimpse of how cryogenics is being used by LEC, an intellectual processing company. Go over the testimonials featured.

  • CryoPlus

    Provides cryogenic services for woodworking, logging, metal foaming, stamping, shearing, slitting, welding, and other related industries.

  • CryoPro

    Avail of the services of this cryogenic tempering processing center. Get to know what materials are being accommodated.

  • Cryotron

    Canadian manufacturer of cryogenic processors and tempering ovens.

  • Deep Cryogenic Treatment

    Offers cryogenic processing services to help reduce tooling costs by extending the useful life of cutting, forging, forming, extrusion, stamping, and other industry tools.

  • Diversified Cryogenics

    Understand the concept of cryogenics and learn how it is being applied to the tooling, motor sport, artillery, and laboratory industries.

  • Diversified Heat Transfer - Heating and Cooling Coils

    Explains the functions of devices provided by the firm for engineering applications in temperature control processes.

  • Frozen Cold

    Adverts a European deep cryogenic treatment service that caters to a wide range of materials and industries.

  • Integrated Cryogenic Systems

    Information about cryogenic treatment in Canada. Includes details of such technology's benefits, applications, types, and methods.

  • NitroFreeze

    Site of the Cryogenic Institute of New England – a provider of cryogenic technologies for industrial and commercial purposes.

  • NW Cryogenics

    Offers cold treatment services for iron, non-iron, plastic, composite, and other material types.

  • One Cryo

    Introduces cryogenic services for the manufacturing, motor racing, firearms, and sporting industries.

  • Post Precision Castings, Inc.

    Indicates the advantage of rendered service by the firm as well as details on processing and market review.

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