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Cryogenic Processing of Materials

Arrow Cryogenics Inc.

Renders service involving deburring, deflashing and other related finishing processes for industrial equipment.

Controlled Thermal Processing

Cryogenic processing firm helps increase wear resistance and life of metal and some plastics through controlled thermal processing or cryogenics.

Cryogenics International

Presents deep cryogenic treatment systems and provides processing related services to increase the strength of metals, plastics, and other materials.

Cryogenics of India

Thermo tempering specialist sells quality metal equipment that have been cryogenically treated.


Provides cryogenic services for woodworking, logging, metal foaming, stamping, shearing, slitting, welding, and other related industries.


Avail of the services of this cryogenic tempering processing center. Get to know what materials are being accommodated.


Canadian manufacturer of cryogenic processors and tempering ovens.

Diversified Cryogenics

Understand the concept of cryogenics and learn how it is being applied to the tooling, motor sport, artillery, and laboratory industries.

Diversified Heat Transfer - Heating and Cooling Coils

Explains the functions of devices provided by the firm for engineering applications in temperature control processes.

Frozen Cold

Adverts a European deep cryogenic treatment service that caters to a wide range of materials and industries.

Integrated Cryogenic Systems

Information about cryogenic treatment in Canada. Includes details of such technology's benefits, applications, types, and methods.


Site of the Cryogenic Institute of New England – a provider of cryogenic technologies for industrial and commercial purposes.

NW Cryogenics

Offers cold treatment services for iron, non-iron, plastic, composite, and other material types.

Post Precision Castings, Inc.

Indicates the advantage of rendered service by the firm as well as details on processing and market review.

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