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Engineering History Tunnels

Bridge and Tunnel Centers

Provides an index of the pages included in the publication presented by the University of Michigan.

Catskill Archive - Hoosac Tunnel

Indicates the construction details of the edifice as well as historical records and gallery of pictures and illustrations.

Commissioner's Report - Sutro Tunnel

Indexes the contents of the book that provides details on loan recommendation for the construction and other works. - Hoosac

Relevant information about structures as well as adventures presented providing insights to the tourism in the region.

Letter from the Secretary of War - Sutro Tunnel

Published reference on the commission's report on examination activity conducted in the structure.

Mike's Railway History

Reference for the construction of tunnels from previous years up until the year 1935. Features historical pictures and illustrations.

Modern History Sourcebook - Francis Fox

Exposition on the procedures and related information about the Swiss' construction of well-known tunnel during the year 1905.

Mount Cenis Railway and Tunnel

Narrative on the project initiative as well as discussion of relevant matters and illustration of the route.

Severn Railway Tunnel

Description on the building of the structure as well as other details on the project. Also provides an illustration on its covered areas.

St. Clair Tunnel Company

Historical reference for the commercial firm's operations including details on its engineering projects.

Standedge Tunnel

British underground structure believed to be the highest, deepest and longest. Includes details on restoration activities.

Superintendent's Report - Sutro Tunnel Company

Content index of the publication that documents the construction operations of the commercial firm from a direct supervisor's records.

Sutro Tunnel Company Collection

Archive of documentations about the construction of the structure including record of financial operations, photographs and other materials.

Tunnel of Eupalinos

Narrative of the history of the tunnel's construction during the ancient times.

Tunnel of Samos

Points out the construction of the structure in the Greek island including details on its usage during ancient times.

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