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Geotechnical Consultants

Advanced Geotech Systems

Involved in research developments concerning the selection of materials and related functions in the field.

BLE - Bunnell-Lammons Engineering, Inc.

Consultancy services rendered for architectural and design engineering and related functions for the industry.

Burns Cooley Dennis, Inc.

Specialist in providing advisory services and project management for geotechnical and materials engineering programs.

Call and Nicholas, Inc.

Conducts evaluation services for underground mining as well as assessments on the stability of open-pit slope and other related functions.

CMJ Engineering, Inc.

Testing company that renders evaluation practices for construction projects. Includes equipment details and service description.

Cornforth Consultants, Inc.

Seismic studies specialist conducting a variety of relevant services on rock mechanics evaluation and other geotechnical studies.

Cumberland Geoscience Consultants

Affiliated company providing full service consultations on the engineering field. Includes description of their facilities.

Fargo Consultants, Inc.

Texas-based company providing services for the evaluation of construction materials and related geotechnical applications.

Geo Environmental, Inc.

Profiles the operations of the company including details on the projects they're involved with. Includes portfolio of served clients.

Geosyntec Consultants

Highlights updates on projects undertaken by the advisory company specializing in geotechnical applications.

Geotechnical Developments Ltd.

Focuses in engineering geology practices covering services in ground investigation and consultations for geo-environmental applications.

I-Corp International, Inc.

Indicates the capabilities of the company offering technical support for testing of geosynthetic materials performance and other practices involving construction quality assurance.

Landslide Technology

Engineering firm based in Oregon specializing in geotechnical practices with services rendered for remediation of roadway and hydropower canal failures, embankments and hazard rating systems.

Maddocks and Associates Pty. Ltd.

Specialist in consultations for geosynthetic designs and related testing procedures. Includes details on technical capabilities such as soil testing and landfill lining systems.

NDT Corporation

Discusses the capabilities of the company focusing on concrete structures evaluation through various geophysical testing procedures. Provides updates on recent projects.

Richardson Smith Gardner and Associates

Renders geological and engineering services focusing in consultations and management of industrial wastes. Includes profile of its professional activities.

Sub Surface Group

Consortium among commercial entities involved in geoenvironmental and geotechnical analysis and consultations.


Engineering firm specializing in geotechnical assessments and relevant monitoring operations.

Thiel Engineering

Portfolio of served clients including description of rendered services for the industry and index of published materials.

Tony Barley - Anchor Man

Contracting specialist for geotechnical operations with an archive of technical documentations and client portfolio presented.

Wardell Armstrong

Developer of environmental and engineering consultations and related technical operations.

Worksmart, Inc.

Specializes in developing machineries capable of subsurface imaging and other related surveying applications.

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