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A portmanteau of ornithos (Greek for bird) and pteron (wing), an ornithopter is a type of aircraft designed to fly by imitating birds. It has wings that enable it to move by air through flapping movements similar to what birds, bats, and insects do.
  • DelFly

    Features a demo of the DelFly, a micro ornithopter also capable of hovering and backward flight.

  • FlightGear Flight Simulator

    Offers pictures of the ornithopter taken inside the FlightGear Flight Simulator. You can fly the ornithopter yourself by following the instructions for Windows.

  • HobbyTechnik

    Source for production kits and other products and supplies for RC ornithopter hobbyists.

  • Human Powered Ornithopter

    Documentation on the development of the structure with an archive of the planning stage and explanation on flapping mechanisms.

  • Ornithopter Pilot

    Website of Patricia Jones-Bowman, designer of the Nightingale ornithopter and an ornithopter test-pilot. Conducts research in the field of flapping flight.

  • Ornithopter Zone

    Reference for instructions on how to assemble the machine including experimentation details and design information.

  • Project Ornithopter

    Aims to achieve flight through mechanical flapping wings with efficient lift and thrust. Presents a University of Toronto team's ornithopter research, design, and testing.

  • Raven Project

    Discusses the operations of the human-powered airplane including team profile and project documentations presented.

  • Trivrat

    Information on the human powered ornithopter, including views, projects, and galleries.

  • VĂ©lair 89

    Specifications of the project to build a human powered aircraft. Indicates its parts and other mechanisms why it functions.

  • Velko T. Velkov Flapping Flight Ornithopter

    Explains the theory behind the ornithopter, and aerodynamic forces with photos, diagrams, and explanations.

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