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History World War Ii

A6M. "ZEKE" Mitsubishi Type Zero Carrier-born Fighter

Profiles the characteristics of the aircraft including specifications, identity in production and details on its uses in the war.

American Aircraft of World War II

Index of different aircrafts utilized during the first World War. Provides a categorized searching of pictures and description.

American Fighter Planes of WWII

Specifies the operations of the aircraft used during the battle with statements from pilots who have rode on it.

Army Air Corps

Tribute for the previous members of the group for their service during the first World War. Presents artworks and listing of servicemen and servicewoman.

Avro Lancaster Bomber FM159 Restoration Project

Documents the preservation project including updates on engine modifications, pictures and information on other machines.

B26 Marauder

Discusses the construction details of restored aircraft with an archive of pictures, profile of the squadron, article archives and discussions.


Narrative covering various significant events that happened during the war years including canal raids and overview of the 49 Squadron Association's operations.

Combat Aircraft of the Pacific War

Listing of different air vehicles utilized during the battle. Includes classification of fighters and bomber planes.

Dambusters - 617 Squadron

Narrates what had happened during the attack of the military operation concentrating on destructing dam structures.

de Havilland Mosquito Page

Features surviving examples of de Havilland DH98 Mosquito aircrafts. Includes production guide and recommended reading materials.

Deutsche Luftwaffe

Focuses in covering German aircrafts utilized during the Second World War with selection of pictures, technical references and historical data provided.

Hawker Restorations Limited

Specialist in preservation of various aircrafts utilized during the World War II. Cites sample projects.

Hawker Tempest

Narrative of the past operation of the aircraft. Indexes other related reading materials, publications and art gallery.

Hudson FK790

Chronicles the efforts in finding the missing aircraft and the discovery of the body remains of the pilot and crew who rode it.

Internet Museum of World War Two Aviation

Covers different countries including Germany, Japan and Britain among other countries involved during the historical event.

Junkers Ju-87 Stuka

Narrates the uses of the plane during the battle years including specification of its capabilities.

Junkers Ju88A-1

Documentation on the restoration activities for the effort to recover the historical aircraft.

Luftwaffe Data Forums

Discussion of relevant topics relating to the unit's operations during the war as well as codes and emblems.

Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Aircraft in Profile

Reference for the historical fighter units deployed by German forces. Includes news articles, recommended books and related links.

Luftwaffe, 1933-45

Guide for the aircraft including technical information, details of ground unit operations and related historical data covering the years during its function.

PBY5a Catalina

Showcases images of the aircraft with technical specification and details on its functions during the war.


Discussion provided for enthusiasts of aircrafts used during the first World War. Relays updates on posted messages.

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