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Presents an array of historical resources related to the field of aeronautics. Includes information about people in the aeronautics field, airlines, aircraft, and airfields. Also, access resources concerning World War I and II aircraft, aeronautic history publications, and aeronautic organizations.
  • Aero Forum

    Source of relevant information about the origins of aircraft technologies with discussions presented and directory of data sources.

  • AeroFiles

    Reference provided for aircraft museums as well as biography profile, glossary of terms and racing coverage.

  • Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada

    Established for enthusiasts of aviation projects. Includes an archive of news articles and membership details.

  • Air Racing History and Record Breaking

    Report on various races with record of results from previous competitions and details on the prizes.

  • AirShow -

    Historical reference for exhibitions with illustrations depicting images of aircrafts from previous decades.

  • Arrow Recovery Canada

    Non-profit company involved in searching activities for the Avro Arrow flight test models.

  • Aurora Project Hypersonic Aircraft

    Contains references for aerospace devices as well as an archive of articles and image compilation.

  • Australian Military Aircraft Serials and Aircraft History

    Record on tragedies that happened in aerospace operations as well as ejections, review of accidents and project documentation.


    Compiles articles including facts and other relevant data on the industry. Includes description of published materials.

  • Avroland

    Historical record detailing the activities of A.V. Roe Canada including its staff and developed aircraft products.

  • Century of Flight

    Features a timeline of the significant events that happened in the aviation industry as well as reference on technology development of aircrafts.

  • Classic Aviation Literature

    Compilation of selected writings from aviators who have made significant achievements in the industry including Charles Lindbergh, Robert Scott and other well-known pilots.

  • Custer Channelwing

    Points out the proposed study of inventor Willard Custer regarding lift theory with technical specification on the issue.

  • Flying Machines

    Disseminates record of past aviation operations including patented aircrafts and an index of significant experiments in the attempt to develop a device capable of flying.

  • Flying Machines Construction and Operation

    Index of technical references and documentation on the progress of experiments and theory development of the device.

  • Holcomb's Aerodrome

    Index of historical record on the past operations and development of aircraft creations through the decades.

  • Lockheed File

    Covers records on the historical operations of the aircraft industry in Australia. Provides classified data archives.

  • Military Aviation in Sweden

    Classified data of historical information including pictures of aircrafts and narration on the industry's operations in the country.

  • Naval Airship Association, Inc.

    Posts updates on recent activities in the organization with profile of officers, newsletter archives and application procedures.

  • Randy Wilson - Aviation History

    Guide for old airplanes including a collection of articles, narration, some pictures and other related information.

  • Rearwin Airplanes

    Overview of how the company operated during earlier years including an archive of news articles and classified information about its functions.

  • Royal Canadian Air Force

    Profiles the past functions of the group including details on squadron and station components.

  • Soesterberg Wolfhounds

    Tribute page for those who have served the air base starting from 1954 until 1994. Provides other relevant information.

  • Turkish Aircraft Production

    Relays information about the history of the industry's operations in the country covering articles and records.

  • Warbirds of India

    Reference for historical information regarding military aircraft in the country and earlier years of aviation.

  • Williams Vintage Aircraft

    Historical guide providing details on earlier years of aircraft operations with an archive of pictures presented.

  • Wooden Propellers

    Guide for the design and techniques in manufacturing the craft. Showcases pictures as well.

  • World War Two - Facts and Firsts

    Records the achievement of different pilots and air battles during that time. Features pictures of airplanes.

  • X-15 Hypersonic History

    Documentation of the project that aims to provide historical accounts and report on the aircraft type.

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