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Acoustics Ultrasound and Vibration

Acoustics and Vibration Technologies

Selection of available products available for purchase including temperature measurement, laser pointer, long wavelength and voice recording devices.

Alpha Acoustiki Ltd.

Research and development company supplying products capable of controlling vibration characteristics. Provides technical overview of available devices.

Alta Solutions

Production-line systems and combustion dynamics provided by the company for signal processing applications of industrial companies.

Bentley Nevada - GE Energy

Involved in supplying machinery protection systems and diagnostics as well as devices such as sensors, transducers and calibration equipment.

Brüel & Kjær Vibro

Industrial devices for quality monitoring of machines from different clients including manufacturers and consumers. Conducts training for product knowledge.

Canadian Machinery Vibration Association

Established to develop products and systems for machinery dynamics and other applications in machine maintenance and condition monitoring.

DLI Engineering Corporation

Machine specialist conducting training services for their line of products, which includes devices capable of vibration analysis, automation and web-based monitoring.

Equipment Condition Monitoring

References provided for those involved in machine maintenance technology including ultrasonic testing, thermal imaging, used oil analysis and vibration monitoring.


Variety of available products for impact shock, noise control problems and vibration isolation as well. Includes news archives providing updates on the company’s innovated devices.


Distributor of precision instruments and vibration isolation systems. Affiliated by larger companies to market custom mounts and frames, made to order Faraday cages and acoustic enclosures.

Kinetic Systems Inc. – Vibration Control Solutions

Choices of available installation systems and other devices used to lessen vibration in factories, buildings and other structures.

Kinetics Noise Control – Vibration Isolation

Technical assistance for the installation of ventilation and complex heating systems without vibration and noise problems brought about by the machine’s operations.

LDS Test and Measurement

Instrumentation specialist involved in crafting data acquisition installations and signal analyzers in real-time capture.

Mechanical Solutions, Inc.

Variety of industrial applications served by the firm conducting evaluation and related analytical functions on engineering projects.

Metrix Instrument Co. - Machinery Vibration Monitoring

Technical reference for the different types of products developed by the company including electronic vibration switches, transmitters and portable gauges.


Testing device supplier distributing laser systems for various applications in research activities. Provides product updates.

Peter Lloyd and Associates

Advisory firm providing consultations on acoustics and vibration control as well as noise reduction applications.

Polytec GmbH

Manufacturer of vibrometer products and related measurement systems utilizing laser mechanisms.

Primac Reliability Consultants Ltd.

Develops monitoring systems and other installations for critical machinery operation and maintenance functions.

Providian Medical Equipment

Information on medical equipment, providing premium new and used ultrasound equipment to the healthcare industry.

Shock and Vibration Information Analysis Center

Administered by the research and development facility of U.S. army engineers to conduct specified studies on rotating machinery, ground shock and other dynamics.

Team Corporation

Innovator of testing solutions designed for vibration detection in different industrial applications.

Technical Manufacturing Corporation

Supplier of vibration isolated systems designed for production of semiconductor components as well as photonics and relevant operations.

Vibration and Shock

Consultations and training offered for vibration control and related monitoring systems. Cites selection of available instructional modules.

Vibration Engineering Consultants

Cites sample projects undertaken by the firm including description of rendered services.

Vibration Research Corporation

Focuses in the production of vibration control systems with software and related products offered for the industry.

Vibration School Training

Opportunity for distance learning of analytical processes involving vibration and related applications.

Wilcoxon Research

Specializes in producing accelerometers and sensory devices used to monitor vibration intensity.

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