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Casimir Effect: Physical Manifestations of Zero Point Energy

Detected forces in material bodies generated from quantum field fluctuations. Examines the correlation of the phenomenon to sonoluminescence.

Chicago Materials Research Center – University of Chicago

Supported by the National Science Foundation in conducting research projects to study technological advances on molecular genetics, radiology and cell biology.

Impulse Devices, Inc.

Aims to develop technology in hot fusion energy production for electricity costs reduction. Staffed by physicists involved in conducting research projects.

Single Bubble Sonoluminescence HOWTO

Detailed methodology and list of equipment required to emit light from bubbles in a liquid exposed to sound. Indicates the preparation of transducers.

References for the phenomenon of sound to light conversion including details on technical projects and suggested experiments. Sonoluminescence Experiment

Explains the methods of the project aimed to build an apparatus that can emanate light from bubbles suspended in liquid exposed to high-frequency acoustic signal.

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