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Bond Strength Measurement in a Three-Layer Sandwich

Presents the acoustic waves generated in a triple layer configured wave-guiding modes. Shows how it is affected by the bonding quality.

Computational Ultrasonics – Bioacoustics Research Lab

Project built to differentiate numerical scheme for linear acoustics in a heterogeneous media to determine its operational algorithms.

Doily Project – Bioacoustics Research Lab

Simulation study conducted to analyze the field pattern of the linear array, which is used in a diver held sonar camera designs.

Fundamental Acoustic Parameter Measurements

Gauging experiment wherein a transmit transducer’s signal amplitude is measured for reference in the ultrasonic property of a material. From University of Illinois at Urbana-Champlain.

NDT Methods for Flaw Detection during Welding

Funded research project that demonstrates the procedures developed to study the non-destructive inspection of welded plates.

Ocean Mapping Group – University of New Brunswick

Canadian department for studying geomatics engineering and geodesy. Contains an archive of projects conducted and training courses offered.

Stroboscopic Visualization of Ultrasonic Fields on Solids by Sampling

Modeling technique to calculate sound fields including analytical and numerical procedure. Reviews both past and recently developed processes in analyzing sound fields in solid.

Subsurface Imaging – Bioacoustics Research Lab

Developed procedure to obtain visual data of materials buried in soil through correlating a single source element transducer and a receiver array.

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