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Acoustoelastic Phenomena of Wood

Experimental study of changes in velocity of ultrasonic wave. Explains how it changed due to applied stress.

Adaptive Inspection of Component of Complex Geometry with a Flexible Phased Array Probe

Detailed explanation on the utilization of contact transducers for service inspections.

Advanced Ultrasonic Techniques - Aerospace Structures

Preview on the different aspects of the non-destructive testing method with technical overview of inspection processes imposed on aircraft components.

Advances in Ultrasonic Transducer Development

Developed methods used in non-destructive testing such as continuous scanning at high temperature.

Air-coupled Ultrasound - A Millennial Review

Chronicles the progress of the technology used for detailed inspection of various water-incompatible materials.

Application Related Evaluation of Ultrasonic Probes

Assessment of the standard operations in using the material for automated non-destructive testing.

Approximative Modeling for the Practical Application at Ultrasonic Inspections

Theoretical presentation of the crack detection model indicating its application and verification.

Ceramic Automotive Valves -Chances and Limitations of Nondestructive Testing

Study of the capability of the material used for quality inspection. Methods conducted include exposing the valve head to high frequency ultrasound of up to 80mhz.

Characterization of Ceramic Coatings with Large-aperture Low-frequency Transducers

Describes the properties of thermally sprayed ceramic coatings and its application to industrial inspection and exposure to mechanical wear.

Development and Application of Single Crystal Creeping Wave Probe with Line-focusing

Evaluates the formed mechanisms by wave probe including its characteristics in ultrasonic inspection.

Evaluation of EMAT Technology for High-Temperature NDE

Assessment for the function of Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducers, which is abbreviated as EMATs. Cites its capability in electromagnetic coupling for high-temperature test methods.

High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducers

Discusses the composition of the material used for ultrasonic inspections of up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

High Transduction Piezoelectric Transducers and Introduction of Non-Contact Analysis

Insights to the applications of the technology in flaw detection and the progress of piezoelectric transducers in varying frequency range.

High-Frequency Sound Interaction in Ocean Sediments

Sanctioned by the Departmental Research Initiative to study relative acoustic issues in shallow-water experiment.

Inaudible High-Frequency Sounds Affect Brain Activity: Hypersonic Effect

Research on the effects of perceiving audible sound from existing high-frequency components.

Is Calibration Necessary?

Article written by Robert A. Day explaining why some research facilities has neglected periodic maintenance and its effects.

Lamb and SH Wave Transducer Arrays

Explanation on how the set of device is capable for inspection processes on thick plates covering large areas.

Laser Interferometry Characterization

Explanation on the instrument's capability in piezoelectric material studies. Includes details on typical set-up of experiments.

Longitudinal Ultrasonic Velocity - Material Properties Predictor

Cites its operations in porous materials as developed from a study. Provides description and sample instances.

Material Characterisation Probe

Data presented explaining the property of surface waves in acoustic microscopy and relevant operations.

Nondestructive Evaluation - Advanced Ceramics and Ceramic-Matrix Composites

Review on the component for quality monitoring of manufacturing operations. Explains the different methods implemented.

Nondestructively Inspect Material IntegrityWith An Airborne Ultrasonic Beam

Chronicles the technique with explanation on methods of evaluation and other relevant functions presented.

Piezoelectric Materials for Ultrasonic Probes

Indicates the functions of the component developed for ultrasound generation purposes. Discusses how it operates.

Polymer Piezoelectric Transducers for Ultrasonic NDE

Evaluation method on the material, which is able to integrate ultrasonic wave. Indicates relevant studies on its technical functions.

Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gaging Theory and Application

Summarized documentation about the study encompassing measurement principles and characteristics of transducers.

Principle and Applications - Practical Shear Wave Lens

Aims to explore the operations of the material when exposed to low frequencies and integrated in acoustic microscopy scanning operations.

PVDF and Array Transducers

Cites both the advantages and disadvantages of the material with tutorials provided discussing its performance aspects.

Rayleigh Transformed Sub-Surface Waves Propagation

Studies the possibility of the condition with background information on the theories relating to its operations.

Resonance Inspection

Quality monitoring tool developed for industrial applications through the use of mono-frequent pulses.

SAFT-Imaging in Ultrasonic Inspection of Concrete

Points out the topics covered in the study aiming to explore evaluation techniques and equipment to be used in concrete analysis.

Scanning Modes - Ultrasonic Phased Array Inspection Systems Application

Findings about the analytical operation on the probes. Includes updates on developments relating to the study.

Study on the Guided Wave Mode Conversion Using Self-calibrating Technique

Exposition about the non-destructive evaluation method indicating its mode generation and other aspects of the experiment.

Synthesis of Ultrasonic Transducers Directional Diagram

Technical documentation on the experiment with calculations and output results presented.

Ultrasonic Air-Coupled Inspection of Advanced Material

Explains the technique utilized in analyzing composite materials through the use of ultrasonic processes.

Ultrasonic Beams - Piezoelectric Crystals and Ferroelectric Ceramics

Citation on how the discovered solution works to control the focusing mechanism of the material by a nonuniform electric field application.

Ultrasonic Flow Detection

Discusses the procedure imposed for analysis of medium diameter pipe bends. Includes sample illustrations and theoretical explanations.

Ultrasonic Inspection - Copper Canisters

Details the evaluation method conducted upon the material through the use of phase arrays.

Ultrasonic Properties - Attenuation Dry Couplant Elastomer

Insights to the investigation that aims to discover the physical properties of the material crafted for special applications in the inspection process.

Ultrasonic Sensor - High Temperature Materials Processing

Analytical article providing explanation on the capabilities of the proposed product development.

Ultrasonic Testing and Image Processing - Weld Inspection

Points out the technique utilized in non-destructive analysis of various welded joints.

Ultrasonic Testing Using a Unipolar Pulse

Reports about how the amplitude is feasible to be a component in the inspection method. Cites various technical aspects.

Ultrasonic Transducer Design and Velocity Measurement Accuracy

Details on how the material was conceptualized including description of gaging procedure and illustrations of typical schemes.

Voltage Waveform Simulation

Specification on the conversion method of the component generated from sound pressure in ultrasonic evaluation.

Wave Modes Produced by Air Coupled Ultrasound

Mentions the theories relating to the application of guided waves in the analytical procedure.

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