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Ultrasound Institutes and Universities

Applied Research Laboratory - Pennsylvania State University

Facility built to develop solutions in naval science and related undersea technologies.

Association for Medical Ultrasound

Membership privilege provided for individuals involved in the profession of ultrasonics and related practice.

Bioacoustics Research Laboratory - University of Illinois

Center for studies involving the correlation of ultrasound to biological materials, imaging and medical aspect.

Department of Ultrasonics and Acoustics

Correlates research projects for ultrasound application as well as development of methods for the processes and uses of the technology.

Force Technology

International market coverage of the company's consultancy services. Conducts certification systems for product innovation and selection of available devices.

Industrial Materials Institute - National Research Council of Canada

Founded to conduct development studies for the processing and forming industry. Points out the technology innovations spearheaded by the organization.

Institute of Fundamental Technological Research

Polish center for experiments and theoretical work involving the various aspects of engineering such as thermoelasticity, environmental acoustics and mechanics of suspension.

Iowa State University for Nondestructive Evaluation

Conducts research studies with relevant applications for ultrasonics and inspection procedures.

Medical Imaging Group

Explains the various technologies imposed by the firm for visual applications in healthcare such as multi-dimensional imaging and processing methods.

Nondestructive Evaluation - NDEAA at JPL

Compiles technical articles documenting research findings and other activities of the laboratory division.

Nondestructive Evaluation and Advanced Actuators (NDEAA) Technologies

Laboratory built for innovative studies dealing with technological development for space applications for other industrial uses.

Signals and Systems - Uppsala University

Communications studies integrated in the facility contracting researches on non-destructive testing and microwave systems.

Stanford Rock Physics and Borehole Geophysics Project

Cites the coverage of the program with details on registration procedures for organized meetings.

UCC Ultrasonics Research Group

Indicates the covered topics of the academic division that focuses in deploying ultrasonic transducer prototypes and non-destructive evaluation methods.

Ultrasound Laboratory

Part of University of Toledo's bioengineering department focusing on ultrasonic, frequency control and other relevant studies.

University of Pittsburgh Ultrasound Research Laboratory

Health and medical visualization techniques are specialized by the division working on imaging studies. Includes progress updates on projects.

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