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Related Products and Services Instrumentation

Applied Test Systems

Equipment manufacturer for universal testing machines, process heating and servicing for installation, repairs and product usage training.

Centurion NDT

Selection of devices capable of detecting material flaws as well as other machines for measuring digital conductivity and scanning system for bolt hole.

Class Instrumentation Ltd.

Produces devices that can be used to measure material thickness of varying sizes up to 200 millimeters.

Cygnus Instruments Ltd.

Utilizes multiple echo technique to gauge the thickness of various materials. Products available include ultrasonic leak detectors, coating gauge and underwater equipment.

DeFelsko Corporation

American enterprise involved in supplying gauges to determine coat thickness and inspection of various materials.

Herzog Contracting Corp.

Rail transit construction and operation services rendered as well as detection of rail flaws, aggregate material production and resource recovery projects.

Imaging Supersonic Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Variety of available products such as pulser receiver, thickness gauge, transducers and ultrasonic visualization system.

Imperium Inc.

Developed an ultrasound machine for digital imaging requirement of medical and industrial applications. Available devices include acoustic video and acoustocam line of cameras.

Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.

Advisory services and other development of laser ultrasonic applications. Includes description of projects handled.

Keiyu NDT Supply Company

Maintains an array of various products that uses ultrasonic technology including test block, connector, transducer, flaw detector and thickness gauge.


Specialize in serving flat rolling industries with machine controls and testing processes using non-destructive techniques.

Magnetic Analysis Corp.

Equipment and servicing rendered for non-destructive inspection of pipe, metal tube, wire and other components.

Matrix Inspection and Engineering, Inc.

Automated evaluation methods implemented for the petrochemical industry requiring acoustic emission and related functions.

NDT Systems

Ultrasonic equipment specialist developing flaw detector devices as well as transducer and gauges capable of measuring wall thickness.

Nippon Ceramic Co., Ltd.

Japanese company supplying developed technologies in advanced ceramics application. Provides updates on industrial and technical operations.

Odyssey Technology Corporation

Integrates ultrasonic servicing and related applications including optical flaw detection and certifications for the profession.

Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited

Distributor of various non-destructive testing systems utilizing ultrasonic technologies. Includes service description and industry updates.

Pulsecho Systems

Electronic instruments and ultrasonic devices supplied for various industrial requirement of non-destructive inspection methods.

Quality Network, Inc.

Servicing affiliate of a company engaged in ultrasonic and related testing applications.

Quasar International Inc.

Inspection methods developed for performance level of operation utilizing non-destructive procedures.

Radiatronics NDT Inc.

Description of available products developed by the company specializing in evaluation methods and quality monitoring systems.

SLX, Inc.

Focuses in various technical products and services relating to signal enhancement, noise suppression and ultrasonic applications.

Sonaspection International Ltd.

Explains the capabilities of the company's services focusing on performance demonstrations, training and simulation for the testing procedure.

Sonic Sensors

Focuses in supplying ultrasonic inspection equipment capable of conducting testing procedures.

Sonotron NDT

Developer of equipment and technologies deployed for ultrasonic and non-destructive evaluation techniques.


Specializes in the manufacture and development of products and devices utilized for inspection through the use of ultrasonic testing methods.

Techno Scientific Inc.

Description of the rendered technical services and products offered by the company for evaluation processes of industrial systems.


Claims to have expertise in geomechanical applications with a selection of services encompassing full scale drilling and completion of testing procedures among other related tasks.

Ultrasonic Sciences Ltd.

Overview of the rendered service focusing on supply of instruments and installations capable in ultrasonic inspection operations.

Unicorn Automation (NDT) Ltd.

Variety of rotary probes as well as test systems developed by the company for ultrasonic applications.


Profiles the company's operations in supplying fiberscope, boroscope, videoscopes and other related inspection devices available for delivery.

VN Instruments

Technology developer for ultrasonic applications as well as related functions in process control and materials analysis.


Lists various products available for industrial calibration processes such as thickness gauge and tester and transducers as well.

Xactex Corp.

Selection of sensors and ultrasonic instruments provided for data acquisition and other relevant applications.

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