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View descriptions of power ultrasound equipment available along with examples of their application. Includes vibration welders, metal injection and casting, various types of extrusion (plastic, metal, glass), liquid processing, medical ultrasound equipment, ultrasonic humidifiers, and leak detectors.
  • Accusonics

    Installation services for acoustic tools including vibration welder, converter, transducers and plastic assembly equipment.

  • American GFM

    Builds various machine tools with its automatic nesting system. Manufacturer of devices for sheet metal routing, forging, rolling mills and custom products as well.

  • Anza Tech

    Selection of automation machines with bonding and testing capabilities. Specifies the technical data of each available unit.

  • Bullen Ultrasonics

    Ultrasonic machining company utilizing inspection technology to ensure process capabilities of their products.

  • Hielscher Ultrasonics

    German developer of devices that can be used in laboratory and industrial applications including sample preparation, particle size reduction, mixing and organic material disintegration.

  • Humidifirst, Inc.

    Specialist in producing ultrasonic humidifiers claimed to have energy saving capabilities. Includes available products for ventilation and ductwork applications.

  • Misonix, Inc.

    Applied ultrasound product developer for the medical industry. Available devices include laboratory safety equipment and air pollution control machines.

  • Modal Mechanics

    Supplier of industrial handpieces, ultrasonic aspirating surgical tips, horn and generator design, temperature sensitive tips and magnetostrictive transducers.

  • Orthodyne Electronics

    Produces ultrasonic wire bonders for semiconductor and microelectronics industries. Utilizes robotic mechanism for their devices.

  • Prosonix

    Comprised by staff of chemists and engineers involved in studying commercial integration of value added ultrasonic solutions for pharmaceuticals and minerals processing.

  • Reson Group

    Tool manufacturer for underwater acoustic applications including single-beam sensors correlated with data collection and visualization.


    Instrumentation specialist producing devices capable of ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation of materials.

  • Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd.

    Various applications served by the company's ultrasonic products crafted for processing, sonochemistry, sieving, welding and cleaning purposes.

  • Sonic Systems

    Develops processing systems for liquid, solid and gas treatment. Features an archive of technical documentations.

  • Sonotec Co, Ltd.

    Tool developer for ultrasonic processing and other applications in printed circuit board repair and wood carving.

  • Ultrasonic Devices

    Selection of electronic equipment assembled and available for orders. Includes leak detector and an experimental product that can generate shock waves.

  • Ultrasonic Systems, Inc.

    Supplier of spray coating equipment and related devices. Profiles the company's operations in the industry.

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