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Describes products and services offered by companies utilizing various types of ultrasound technology. Includes air proximity sensors, bat detectors, flowmeters, peizoelectric materials, power ultrasound, and ultrasonic cleaning services.
  • Advanced Material Solutions

    Renders non-destructive testing for various products. With an overview of their inspection systems.

  • Airmar Technology Corporation

    Fabricates marine transducers, sensors and OEM supplies for different industry applications.

  • American Medical Design

    Custom probe designer engaged in manufacturing transducer products in different classifications including mechanical B-Scan and phased arrays.

  • Andec Manufacturing Ltd.

    Instrumentation specialist focusing on the applications of ultrasonics to predict defective material conditions.

  • Automated Inspection Systems

    Staffed by engineer developing automated ultrasonic testing machines and technical support. Products available include pipeline girth weld system.

  • Bidwell Industrial Group Inc.

    Comprised by business entities serving equipment supply for industrial processes including ultrasonic boltgages.

  • Dakota Ultrasonics

    Portable equipment producer supplying a variety of testing machines for automotive, petrochemical and other relevant industry applications.

  • Diagnostic Sonar

    Selection of available products for medical and industrial usage such as non-destructive testing, flaw detectors and ultrasound scanners.

  • Dr. Hillger

    Develops solutions for materials testing processes specializing in ultrasonic installations utilized in quality control and internal defect visualization purposes.

  • Dr. Opara Kg

    Application-oriented business entity that develops gauges to determine airborne flight duration through the use of ultrasound methods.

  • EPD Technology Corporation

    Distributor of products that can be used to detect leaks, inspection of mechanical and electrical flaws and lubrication evaluation.

  • FlawTech

    Quality control machines distributed to examine deformity in specimens and nuclear products.

  • Gill Instruments Ltd.

    Disposes anemometers, sensors and automotive electronic engine control systems used to gauge gas flow and other applications.

  • Hexamite Ultrasound

    Ultrasonic specialist with an array of ranging systems, signal conditioners and sensors supplied.

  • Imaginant

    Crafted ultrasonic pulser as well as thickness and receiver gauges for industrial applications. Indicates client support rendered.

  • Imasonic

    Probes and transducers with ultrasonic characteristics supplied by the company for immersion processes and imaging applications.

  • IRIS Inspection Services

    Distributes measurement devices capable of gaging wall thickness through rotary ultrasonic detection method.

  • Izola Electronic Pest Control

    Introduces the functions of the devices developed to ward off pests and animals through the use of ultrasonic methods.

  • Karl Deutsch

    Variety of gauges supplied for detection purposes of sound velocity, coating and wall thickness, crack depth, magnetic particle testing and other non-destructive testing procedures.

  • Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

    Archive of technical reports providing details on supplied products for inspection technologies.

  • NTR Systems Inc.

    Instruments produced specializes in ultrasound measurement procedures serving industrial and medical operation.

  • Olson Instruments, Inc.

    Explains the company's capabilities in supplying equipment utilized for non-destructive testing procedures.

  • Optel Ltd.

    Commercial firm comprised by engineers involved in developing ultrasonic technologies and devices.

  • Pro-Wave Electronics Corporation

    Supplier of different kinds of ultrasonic transducers utilized in polymer and electrostatic configurations among other technical functions.

  • Sonatest NDE

    Manufacturer of devices utilized for non-destructive evaluation procedures. Posts updates on scheduled events.

  • Sonatest NDTS

    Profiles the company's operations in servicing inspection for various industrial equipment.

  • Sonotronics

    Tracking systems specialist developing devices embedded with ultrasonic methods of monitoring procedures.

  • Ultran Group

    Various systems developed by the company for imaging as well as supply of ultrasonic transducers.

  • Ultrasonic Arrays

    Established company supplying non-contact measurement devices used in industrial process control and gaging functions.

  • Ultrasound Solutions

    Measurement systems provided for distance ultrasonic functions. Provides technical details of available products.

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