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Access resources (illustrations, photos, articles, etc.) concerning sound and acoustics. Includes noise reduction technology for aircraft, acoustical equipment used for detecting leaks in pipe pressure, earthquake prediction tools, audio speakers, aspects of sound related to architecture, along with classification of sound waves.
  • Art Ludwig's Sound Page

    Collection of illustrations, photos, discussions, articles, and other resources related to sound and acoustics.

  • Brüel and Kjær

    Solutions provider for the sound and vibration measuring needs and other applications required by various industries including aerospace, consumer goods, telecommunications and automotive.

  • In-Flight Rotorcraft Acoustics Program

    NASA research arm that focuses on the study of reducing noise particularly among helicopters and tiltrotors.

  • Leak Detection Methods for Plastic Water Distribution Pipes

    Project organized to analyze the existence of leaks in pipes due to pressure. Utilizes acoustic equipment as noise correlators.

  • Modal and Fatigue Analysis

    Contains discussions on noise, vibration, and acoustics. With animation samples and articles on related structural components.

  • PureSpeakers

    Loudspeaker specialist that builds subwoofer systems for home theater and other audio entertainment applications.

  • Scientific Applications and Research Associates, Inc.

    Develops application of plasmas, acoustics and electromagnetism for commercial, homeland security and defense uses.

  • Sonic Architecture

    Installation of activity structures for children in parks, museums and public areas. Builds large-scale works and playgrounds.

  • Sonic Architecture

    Contains multimedia resources, projects, proposals, and relevant information tackling the sound aspect of architecture.

  • Sound Sucker

    Item crafted for acoustic illusion that can absorb sound and create auditory effects including falling air pressure and deafness.

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