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Features audio sound clips such as underwater recordings and church bells. Also, describes the boundary element method and offers a fourier synthesis Java program for download.
  • Boundary Element Method

    Product built specifically for the computational solution of common Laplace problems including measurements in electrostatics, potental flow and electromagnetics.

  • Fourier Synthesis

    Posted from a forum, the Java-run program is built to modify coefficients. Also available for download for offline operation.

  • The Sound of Bells

    Investigates the tuning of church bells including information on synthesizing, rounds and pitcher. With an overview of the Wavanal, a software package built to analyze the properties of bells.

  • Underwater Recordings - Cetacean Research Technology

    Downloadable mp3 files of sounds captured from under the sea including that of an individual killer whale calf. Includes technical details of the hydrophone used to record.

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