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  • Administrative Science Quarterly (ASQ)

    Publishes articles on various aspects and concerns on administration by different researchers.

  • Brooklyn Journal of Social Semiotics Research

    Publishes anthropological studies with emphasis on semiotics, particularly in the cultural enclaves that exist in various communities in the United States.

  • Canadian Journal of Sociology

    Official home of the journal reviews purpose, activities, contents, announcements, and latest issue.

  • Contexts

    Quarterly magazine of the American Sociological Association furnishes current issue, podcasts, subscription, and submission details.

  • Criminal Justice Review

    Peer-reviewed quarterly journal offers online-first articles, all issues, subscription and submission details, and podcasts.

  • Cultural Sociology

    Journal focused on the sociological understanding of culture and its related aspects.

  • Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education

    Quarterly peer-reviewed journal focuses on critical discourse and research. Includes aims, board, issues, news, and offers.

  • Economic and Social Review

    Economic and applied social science journal invites high quality submissions in economics, sociology, and cognate disciplines on topics of relevance to Ireland.

  • Economic Sociology

    Provides free access to information and open communication, and links to conferences, job vacancies, teaching materials and call for papers.

  • Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies

    Publishes academic research and writings related to Japanese society, economy, politics and culture.

  • Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization

    Multi-disciplinary discussion and forum on perspectives on organizations, with current issue, call for papers, and contribution guidelines.

  • Essex Human Rights Review

    Post-graduate publication addressing contemporary issues on human rights by the Human Rights Center at the University of Essex.

  • European Sociological Review

    Contains research articles in all fields of sociology. Published by Oxford University Press.

  • Forum: Qualitative Social Research

    Multi-lingual publication that seeks to promote discussion and cooperation among qualitative researchers from different disciplines and countries.

  • History and Theory.Org

    Issues articles, essays and book summaries on philosophy of history, historiography, critical theory and other related disciplines. Available in electronic and print form.

  • IASSIST Quarterly

    Peer-reviewed, open access quarterly social science publication shares current issue, archives, resources, and author instructions.

  • IDENTITY: An International Journal of Theory and Research

    Official peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Research on Identity Formation contains mission, submission, subscription, and contacts.

  • International Journal of Comparative Sociology

    Sociological articles using comparative methods on various research questions that are international in scope.

  • International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters (IJMED)

    Journal of International Research Committee on Disasters explores social and behavioral aspects of disasters and mass emergencies. Includes indices, subscription, and submission details.

  • Journal of Poverty

    Presents articles on poverty in a broader perspective, exploring impoverishment in light of social and political inequalities.

  • Journal of Social and Political Thought

    Interdisciplinary electronic journal on politics, culture and social justice.

  • Journal of Social Structure

    Electronic journal that features interdisciplinary research results on social structure.

  • Logos

    Features articles on the arts, politics, culture, the social sciences and humanities as well as original fiction and poetry. Published quarterly.

  • ProtoSociology

    Features an exchange of theoretical and empirical studies examining the nature of the mind, language and social systems.

  • Public Opinion Quarterly

    Details the interdisciplinary and wide-range research on communication and related studies on public opinion.

  • The Qualitative Report

    Electronic journal that highlights qualitative, critical, action and collaborative inquiry and research. Published by Nova Southern University.

  • Qualitative Sociology Review

    Publishes research outputs about human action, social processes, meanings and definitions using qualitative research methods and orientations.

  • Radical Pedagogy

    Contains articles on the analysis of teaching and learning.

  • Revista CEPAOS Review

    Interdisciplinary journal welcomes original works that connect specific approaches of different scientific disciplines and promotes dialogue between researchers and disciplines, specialists and social actors.

  • Science Studies

    Publishes articles on science and technology studies.

  • Social Problems Journal

    Official journal of the Society for the Study of Social Problems, per year subscription basis. Published by the University of California Press. Electronic version available.

  • Social Science Research

    Consists of papers on quantitative social science research and methodology.

  • Social Text

    Brings together cultural studies on a variety of social and cultural phenomena, including debates in post colonialism, postmodernism and popular culture.

  • Sociological Methods and Research

    Presents new techniques and innovative approaches to recurring research challenges and also clarifies existing methods.

  • Sociological Research Online

    Discusses theory and methodology in research on political, cultural and intellectual topics.

  • The Socjournal

    Electronic journal aims to bring sociology to the world with blog space, regular columns, and academic reports. Includes columnists, courses, writing tips, reviews, and forum.

  • South Atlantic Journal

    Tackles analyses of national, cultural and intellectual scenes worldwide, including postmodernist writers and a wide range of cultural phenomena.

  • Strategic Organization

    Journal on conceptual and empirical research on strategic and organizational processes and outcomes.

  • Thesis Eleven

    Publishes theories and theorists, surveys, critiques, debates and interpretations on society, culture, and politics and the understanding of modernity. Cultivates diversity of critical theories of modernity.

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