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Transpersonal Psychology

  • Academy of Self Knowledge

    Non-profit educational organization creates and offers curriculum and answers to current personal and planetary challenges.

  • Amanda Jack Psychosynthesis

    Uses technique of psychosynthesis, and emphasizes discovery of new potential, expression of creativity and development of spiritual life.

  • Archive Publishing

    Produces, publishes and sells book and artifacts from people, and working transpersonal.

  • Association for Transpersonal Psychology

    Promotes eco-spiritual transformation through transpersonal inquiry and action.

  • Center For Awareness

    Source of information that causes reflection and introspection.

  • Center for Neoscientific Studies

    Provides information applicable to social, economic and political policies, and promotes rights of the individual and the species.

  • Center for Story and Symbol

    Offers continuing education seminars and workshops on the psychology, and provides mythic resources in film, poetry or culture.

  • Centre for Neuroscience Studies

    Research spans everything from a cellular molecular level, through systems, behavioural/cognitive, computational and clinical research.

  • Centre for Transpersonal Psychology

    Registered charity manages therapy referral service to public and professionals.

  • European Transpersonal Association

    Improves communication on different organizations and involves in transpersonal work and meditative study.

  • Family Constellation Work

    Tool initiates healing level and allows experience in the fullness of human potential.

  • Forum for Contemplative Studies

    Discusses and explores contemplative awareness and its values, and provides list of psychotherapists, lectures, seminars and workshop information, and articles.

  • Headless Way

    Offers experiments for self awareness exercise that guide attention to the deepest identity.

  • HeartSpark

    Joanna Kaser combines traditional counseling techniques with spiritual focus.

  • Holotropic Breathwork

    Approach to self-exploration and healing that integrates insights of modern consciousness research, anthropology, Eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions.

  • Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine

    Creates new and innovative proprietary technologies for energy medicine and bio-energy science.

  • Insightful Company

    Delivers personal development workshops and training opportunities to organizations and individuals.

  • Institute of Noetic Sciences

    Conducts and sponsors research into the potentials and powers of consciousness, and features publications, events, educational media, and research.

  • Institute of Psychosynthesis

    Psychosynthesis is a developmental approach that guides people to understanding the meaning of human life.

  • Integral Lifework Center

    Collaborative approach to personal development and interpersonal healing provides tools and techniques for individuals, couples and small groups.

  • International Journal of Transpersonal Studies

    Transcends convention through stimulating and evocative prose and artwork in transpersonal or spiritual vision of existence.

  • International Transpersonal Association

    Developed for those involved in academic research, projects and other activities with a transpersonal focus.

  • Intuition Network

    Offers opportunities for networking among individuals and in creating encouragement to cultivate inner and intuitive resources.

  • Jeanette, Doris - Holistic Psychology

    Facilitates emergence of a new psychology which meets the needs of multicultural, diverse humans across the globe.

  • MA Transpersonal Psychology, Napa University

    Program integrates theoretical, experiential and service aspects of transpersonal psychology.

  • MeaSelf - Visual Guide to Being Human

    Features hundreds of spatial metaphors, and reveals how spatial metaphors are implicitly organized by the structure of bodies.

  • New Dualism Archive

    A philosophical archive for the constructive study of substance dualism.

  • New Frontier

    Provides articles, columns and regular features, and ad information.

  • Portiuncula Center

    Provides programs for personal, spiritual and professional development.

  • Psyber Inn

    Presents a multi-paged site where various options take the viewer to different pages that stir the imagination with theory, poetry and spirituality.

  • Psychosynthesist - Holistic Therapy

    Helps discover paths, find meaning and purpose in life, make choices and understanding of oneself.

  • Re-vision Counseling and Psychotherapy Training Center

    Creative training open to therapeutic innovation, emphasizes on caring for soul and values individual difference to encourage diversity.

  • Rhythm of Life

    Fitness studio inspires and supports clients to create conditioned bodies through intelligent exercises.

  • San Diego University for Integrative Studies

    Provides socially relevant and highly practical experience for students, and offers undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • Society for Psychology and Healing

    Provides sound academic base for training and integrated model of healing which takes account of infancy, childhood and human development.

  • Soul Of Life

    Inner wellness center offers transpersonal counseling, free newsletter, books, stories and quotes.

  • Southern Psychosynthesis Community Network

    Supports and encourages individual growth, uses principles of Psychosynthesis, and enables society to have balanced mind, body, emotion and spirit.

  • Synthesis Center

    Non-profit educational institution supports the conscious evolution of individuals and society through teaching and practice of psychosynthesis.

  • TheoHumanity

    Updates teaching of Buddha and Yeshua, and redefines criteria for both emotional and spiritual maturity.

  • Thoughts Beneath The Trees

    Contains essay on things transpersonal, articles, and thoughts.

  • Tools for Transformation

    Contains resource for personal development and body, mind and spirit transformation.

  • Transhumanist Resources

    Includes information in areas of life extension, cryonics, nanotechnology, physical and mental enhancements, and human consciousness.

  • Unitary Perception

    Contains Ruben Feldman Gonzalez' writings, books, essays and interviews, workshops, resume and collaborations.

  • Victor MacGrill

    Features news, books, interests, articles and photos, fairy stories, theories, and family.

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