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American Synesthesia Association

Non-profit organization fosters and promotes education, experiences and knowledge on the phenomena of synesthesia.

Belgian Synesthesia Association

Explores multisensory interactions of synesthesia, connects experiences, and promotes study and understanding.

Cytowic, Richard E.

Rediscovers synesthesia, promotes public understanding, and features books, articles, lectures and documentaries.

Ever taste a shape, or smell a color?

Exploration on the strange world of synesthesia, experiences, and impact.

Gamers set for sensory overload

Introduces new virtual video game that overload senses with psychedelic visuals and pulsating dance beats.

Kaleidescope Eyes - The Secrets Of A Novel Gift

Article on the phenomenon of synaesthesia condition, analysis of brain images of synaesthetes, and experiences.

Letter-Color Synaesthesia

Article discusses synaesthesia, sense-impression, mental event and experiences.

Mixed Signals

Provides information on synesthesia, current research, books and resources.

Psychic Powers may simply be a quirk of the brain

Case study shows that some people can experience colors in response to words and emotion. - Synaesthesia

Defines as a reaction when brain connects two or more sensory, and discusses types and causes.

Spectrum Family Medicine

Takes whole-person view of health, uses traditional scientific medicine, and offers lung function and neurologic testing, EKG, biopsy, and radiology services.


Explains its myth and reality, problems, hypothesis, experiments, historical and theoretical analysis, and interpretations.

Explores and applies synaesthesia, and provides forum and books.

Synesthesia and the Synesthetic Experience

Provides information on neurological condition, different personal perceptual abilities, virtual demos ad examples, perspectives and references.

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